Who Organises The Stag Do - A Guide To Who Plans The Stag Party

Who Organises The Stag Do?

Got a stag do to plan?

Who is supposed to organise the stag do anyway? 

Here we'll take a look at the options of who plans the stag do. If you or your mate is getting married, you might be wondering about who's going to be organising it.

Traditionally, the best man organises the stag do. But in modern times there can be a number of alternatives too. 

Here's who can organise a stag party.

The Best Man

The best man organises the stag do, in a traditional setting. If you're going with an older crowd, or just those who love the tradition, the best man will be planning everything. Check out our tips on how to plan the best stag do.

It's going to be up to you to organise everything, including stag do t-shirts, but we're able to help on that one.

He should ask the groom what he wants to do. Does he want to do the good old fashioned night out with the lads, go abroad for the weekend, or do some activity.

There's plenty of things to consider, so you should ask what he wants if you're unsure. If you know exactly what he wants, well you won't need to.

It's up to the best man to get everyone to turn up, invite people, and make sure any activities are organised.

Most of all, it's up to him to ensure he has a good time, and the best possible send off.

Remember to check out our Stag Do Rules, which come with a printable contract you can get the other lads to sign.

The Groom

If you're friends are a bit crazy or a bit boring, you might want to plan your own stag party, or at least part of it.

When it comes to timing, your stag do should happen a few weeks or month before the wedding.

Tell everyone what you want to do, where you want to go, and invite all of the people you want to attend.

The good thing about planning your own stag night is that you'll be doing what you want.

The bad part is that's just one more thing to organise, along with the wedding.

The Group Of Friends

The stag do could be organised in a group effort, with all of your closest friends who are going.

The good part about this is that everyone will have a say, and everyone can take on a responsibility, so it's less work for each person.

You can check out our list of stitch ups if you really want to embarrass the main man on the big night.

The bad part could be arguments. If you've got a friendship group who can't decide things together, this could be a nightmare. Lots of people might have a different idea of what happens on a stag do, with some people more outgoing than others.

If everyone is usually on the same page, it will be a breeze.

An example could be:

  • Someone organises the bar route on the night out.
  • Someone organises some stag T Shirts for the night
  • Someone chooses where you're going
  • Someone books the hotel if there's one required
  • Someone is in charge of any entertainment or stag night games

Once you've got everyone a job to do, they'll feel like they're involved in the night, which is always a good thing.

The Groom's Father

If he's young at heart, there's no reason why the groom's father shouldn't be organising the stag do.

This depends on a lot of things, including his age, your age and what kind of relationship the groom and his dad have.

The Bride To Be

Is this a bad idea? Probably! Some may leave it up to the bride to organise the stag do.

This is not the greatest idea, because it's supposed to be the last night of freedom, so shouldn't be organised by the bride.

There's always a sten do you could have, if you want to party with both the bride and groom.


There's plenty of things to consider when planning a stag do. These include:

How much does a stag do cost?

The different kinds of stag do and of course what does he want.

If you're wondering who plans the stag do, hopefully this answers the question. It's usually the best man, but in modern times, it could be organised by anyone, including the groom to be.

Don't worry, you can check our stag do ideas if you're wondering how to plan a stag party, or want to know some activities or games which you can organise.

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