Stag Do Dares

Stag Do Dares, Challenges And Forfeits

When it's time for the stag do a great way to get it kicked off and swinging for the whole night are some dares! We've got some dare cares for you which fit the bill.

If you're organising a stag night then it's your job to make sure that it goes off with a bang, and dare cards are a brilliant way. You can make it a legendary night which will be a one to remember, or forget, depending on how you look at it.

Pairing up the best dares along with some stag do T Shirts will ensure you have the best night possible. 

There's so much fun you can have with these, and so many different ideas you can come up with. From the easy to difficult, dirty, rude and even a little bit naughty, it's all in good humour.

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Stag Do Dare List

Drinking Forfeits

  1. Down 3 shots in a row
  2. Down a pint in one
  3. Down a shot which contains the alcohol of someone else's choosing
  4. Get a random girl to buy you a drink
  5. Create a cocktail and down it in one
  6. Convince the barman to let you pour your own drink
  7. Get a drink for free
  8. Do a chilli vodka - Or the most disgusting shot in the bar
  9. Crazy Cocktail - A shot of everyone's drink in one glass, then down it in on.
  10. Buy a stranger a drink

Dirty And Naughty Dares

  1. Get a kiss from 5 different girls
  2. Kiss A MILF
  3. Photobomb 3 girls photos
  4. Go up to a random girl and propose
  5. Wear a girls bra
  6. Get a pair of ladies underwear and put it on Superman style
  7. Blow a kiss to a group of girls
  8. Try to get a group of girls to come over to you without speaking or going up to them
  9. Serenade A Girl
  10. Get a photo with the hottest girl in the place
  11. Wear your boxer shorts outside your jeans
  12. Go up to a girl and get her to talk dirty to you
  13. Spice Girls Challenge - Get a photo with 5 different girls; 1 Posh, 1 Sporty, 1 Scary, 1 Ginger and 1 Babyfaced.
  14. Exchange an item of clothing with a random of the opposite sex
  15. Kiss a barmaid
  16. Hug someone for a really long period of time, don't let go until they say so.

Funny Challenges & Punishments

  1. Talk to someone in a foreign accent and convince them your from that country.
  2. Talk to a random stranger and convince them you know them.
  3. Ask someone for their autograph as if they're famous
  4. Perform a dance like a cheerleader
  5. Stand on one leg and count to 20 out loud
  6. Get a photo with a barman
  7. Do an impersonation of a famous person
  8. Don't say no for an hour
  9. Pose provocatively in front of the best car you can find
  10. Only use song lyrics for speaking for an hour
  11. Only use film quotes for speaking for an hour
  12. Shout "I need a wee" as loud as you can, every time you need the toilet
  13. Get a girl to give you a makeover using her make up.
  14. Lick the armpit of a stranger
  15. Act out a scene from a famous film
  16. Get a photo in a police hat

Scavenger Hunt

What's better than a good old fashioned scavenger hunt. This game is best played in teams. Get your lads together, create two teams and the one who can find the most items win. What kind of items are we talking about? Well here's our scavenger hunt list for your stags.

    1. Collect as many bras as you can (The winning team is the one with the most bras at the end of the night or at a given time).
    2. Get as many people as possible to sign a shirt
    3. Get a pair of ladies underwear
    4. Get a condom from a woman
    5. Get a girls phone number
    6. Dance with the hen from another hen party
    7. Give your number to a girl and get a text message from her
    8. Get lipstick on your collar from a girl kissing it

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