What Is A Stag Do? The British Stag Party Explained

What Is A Stag Do? The British Stag Party Explained

You may have been asked to go on a stag party, but what is a stag party anyway?

A stag party is a day, night or weekend out with the guys, one of which is getting married. He is the stag. 

A stag party or stag night is the same as a bachelor party, while the Americans call this event a bachelor party, we in the UK call this a stag party.

Are Stag Parties Common?

Stag parties are common among men getting married. Most men in the UK will have a stag night before they get married to their wife.

There is of course different types of stag dos, different events, activities and they last different amounts of time.

Are Stag Nights For Men Only?

Traditionally the stag do is for men only. Women are usually not permitted on the stag night, as it's the last night of freedom for the stag.

The bride instead has her hen party with the girls (and no men).

Who Goes On A Stag Do?

The groom and his male friends and male family members are some of the people who should go on the stag do.

If you're wondering who to invite to a stag do, this should be your starting point. The best man should be planning this, so you can give him a list of people to invite, or simply ask them yourself.

What's The Difference Between A Stag Party And A Bachelor Party?

There is no difference between a stag party and a bachelor party, they are the same.

Americans use the term bachelor party, while we Brits call this a stag do stag night or stag weekend.

When Do You Have A Stag Night?

Traditionally a stag night was the night before the wedding. These days that's not the case, and the stag party can be weeks before the wedding.

There is no set date or time, but you should have a stag do at least a few weeks before the wedding.

How Long Does A Stag Party Last?

A stag party can last one night, or it can last a whole weekend. This all depends on what has been planned for the stag do.

When you have a stag do abroad it's going to be a few days, usually over a weekend.

Heading to another city in the UK, and it could be two days and one night.

If you're going out to the bars, pubs and clubs in your own city and don't need to travel, this could be a day and night, or just an evening.

What Happens On A Stag Party?

Traditionally stag parties were all about getting drunk and probably a stripper or strip club. The best man usually plans the stag do, so it's a good idea to ask him.

These days there's lots of stag do activities and a lot of guys want to do something different.

From cheap stag do ideas to luxury stag do ideas, there's so much you can do on a stag party these days.

For most stag parties, you can expect a lot of alcohol and drinking, lots of lads having a good time and probably some who can't handle their beer.

Things can also get messy too. You'll want to read how to survive a stag do if the friends you've got going to the party are pretty crazy.

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