Posh Stag Do Ideas - Luxury Stag Weekends For Classy Groups Of Lads

Posh Stag Do Ideas - Luxury Stag Weekends For Classy Groups Of Lads

Want to really go out with a bang on your stag do?

Is money no object?

You'll want to have a luxury stag weekend with the lads! We've got some of the best posh stag do ideas which will blow your mind.

If you're looking for activities which will blow everyone else's party out of the water, you'll find them here.

We've already talked about some of the alternative stag weekend ideas, perfect for all budgets.

When cash is not a problem, we've come up with these goodies for an unbelievable time.

Las Vegas Stag Week / Weekend

The city of sin is one of the perfect places to go with your mates for a few nights of debauchery. 

There is nothing Vegas doesn't have which is perfect for stags. Ladies, alcohol, clubs, expensive hotels, champagne, shows and of course the gambling.

Vegas is a once in a lifetime place to go, so make it a weekend or even week with the lads.

Go to a day party wearing your stag t-shirts so you'll look the part and everyone will know you're in Vegas for a good time.

Luxury Yacht Party

Chartering A luxury yacht is something you can do with the lads. You can spend anything on this, with prices going up and up the bigger and more luxurious boat you go for.

Host your very own party on a yacht, and live the life of a billionaire for a couple of days. 

Private Sailing In The Med

Chartering your very own boat to sail the Mediterranean is something you can do with the lads, stopping off in ports along the way to invite guests on. 

The boats come fully staffed, so you just need to worry about having a good time, the world is your oyster.

Weekend In Monaco

Home of the Monaco Grand Prix and the Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco is perhaps the most classy place you can go on an up market stag weekend.

Dine out, go to a VIP club and make sure you go on the weekend of the F1, so you can watch some wheel to wheel action on the track.

South Of France Challenge

The South Of France Challenge - We've made this one up, but it is all about hitting all the high end French Riviera hot spots hard.

You'll want to visit Saint Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes and Nice, living large in the best hotels.

Travelling between these could be a challenge for many, but you've got the money to get a VIP limo, or beat the traffic in a helicopter.

VIP London Night Out Clubbing

London is one of the capitals of the world when it comes to many things, and having a VIP clubbing night out is one of them.

Get on the guest-list at a VIP club, and order bottle service to ensure a good table or booth for you and the boys.

The only drinks you should be getting are full bottles of spirits and champagne, this is a VIP night after all.

Cristal should be poppin, with the high end spirits of your choice; Be that vodka, rum, whisky or gin.

Just because the drinks are higher in class doesn't mean you can't play some drinking games. These will be the games for those with an expensive taste.

Trip To Iceland

If there's one destination which is not your stereotypical stag holiday, it's Iceland. 

Get you and the lads a private house or apartment in Reykjavik, with a hot tub of course, and sleep in ultimate comfort.

You can mix up a big Saturday night out in the clubs of Reykjavik with going out on active volcanoes, and then wind down in the world famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa.

Super car Hire

Have you ever dreamed of owning a supercar? You don't need to own one when you can rent one. 

You and the lads can hire the super cars of your dreams, and live the dream. Get yourself a Lambo, Ferrari or maybe even a Bugatti Chiron.

Cruise around the finest countries and cities Top Gear style, or go to the track for the ultimate speed thrill.

Travel In Luxury

If you're travelling around, you'll want to do it in luxury. That means limos, fast cars, and 1st class tickets all the way. If you're looking for a classy get away, travelling in anything less is not an option.

Five Star Hotels

Your living quarters are incredibly important, and a classy stag weekend is nothing without a luxury 5 star hotel.

When you've picked out the hotel, you'll want a suite or villa, or something very substantial if you're doing it up real big.

Fine Dining Experience

You'll need some fuel by the way of food, so you need fine dining. Pub grub will not do here, you'll want some posh nosh to go with the rest of your high end experience.

Make sure you book the restaurant in advance, as high end places tend to get booked pretty fast. Or skip all of that, and hire your own chef, for a private dining experience.

Exclusive Island Getaway

If you go somewhere VIP then you'll still have to deal with other people, so what's the answer? An exclusive island getaway.

You'll not need to worry about someone stealing your sun lounger or complaining about the noise you're making when you have the run of the island. 


And that is that! There's plenty of ideas on having a posh stag weekend, from the most luxurious places to go and hotels to stay in, along with activities which are once in a lifetime.

If you can't go to this expense but you want something special, check out our tips on cheap stag weekends abroad, so you still have a getaway, but within a reasonable budget.

Whatever you end up doing, it will be an epic night or weekend.

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