Should I Have My Stag Do In The UK Or Abroad?

Should I Have My Stag Do In The UK Or Abroad?

If you're planning a stag do you might be thinking where should you have it. The three obvious options are your own city, another city in the UK or abroad.

If you have your stag do abroad things such as food, drinks and activities can be a lot cheaper than the UK.

But you've also got to take into account the costs of travel and accommodation too.

Stag Do In The UK

A stag do in the UK can be brilliant. You can keep things local in your own city, or go somewhere outside of where you live.

The great thing about having a stag do in the UK is familiarity and the fact most places are easy to get to.

You can all get the train, or even organise a bus to get you all to the place you're going.

If you're planning on inviting a lot of people on your stag do, having it in the UK can make it easier for everyone to go.

Once there you can easily get a hotel, hostel or other forms of accommodation to live in for the duration.

The other benefit of the UK stag party is that is can last as long or as short as you like.

It can be a traditional stag night for one night only, or you can stretch it out over a number of days.

Going abroad you'll have to be there for a few nights to make the most out of it.

There's also the issue on cost. You can keep the stag do affordable by having it in the UK.

Drinks and food will be more expensive than many places abroad, but you'll not have expensive flights to pay for.

There's so many great UK stag party destinations you and the lads can go to. From Newcastle to Manchester, Liverpool or even York.

The UK has plenty of top cities which will keep you entertained, and more importantly, full of alcohol.

Stag Do Abroad

Having a stag do abroad is a brilliant prospect. A holiday with the lads for at least a few days with almost guaranteed good times thrown in.

Going abroad can pose the obvious plus point of a few days in the sun.

There's nothing better than going out in the sun for some drinks in the day and partying throughout the night.

This will depend on where you go abroad, along with the time of the year.

There's also the matter of the costs of drinks and food.

Many stags travel to Eastern Europe, with cheap drinks and food in comparison to the UK.

They also offer accommodation which can be a lot cheaper than the UK too.

The obvious downside are the costs involved in getting there. These days flights aren't cheap and can be the biggest cost of the weekend.

There's also the time involved. If you keep your stag local it could just be one night.

Going abroad you'll need some accommodation, and it can last for 2-4 days, sometimes longer depending on flight schedules.

When it comes to stag do locations abroad, there's a huge choice. You can go on an Eastern Europe adventure, to places like Warsaw, Krakow in Poland, Prague in Czech Republic, Bratislava in Slovakia, Budapest in Hungary and a whole lot more.

There's beach options too, with Benidorm being a popular favourite alongside all the Spanish resorts. 

European city breaks are popular too, with cities such as Berlin and Munich in Germany, Barcelona and Madrid in Spain and Paris or Amsterdam great choices.

Summary: Should I Have My Stag Do In The UK Or Abroad?

Wherever you have your stag do, home or abroad it's going to be great. There's so many places both in the UK and Europe to have your stag, you just have to pick the one which suits your needs best and go with it.

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