Top 15 Stag Do Locations In The UK

the best places in the UK for a stag do - Top 10 UK cities for a stag party

Having a stag do in good old blighty? Arranging a stag weekend in the UK should guarantee you some great fun.

There's plenty of cities and destinations in the UK that are suitable for every type of stag do imaginable.

From the traditional bar crawls and crazy party cities, to some more cultured and others for just relaxing. 

If you've been thinking of having a stag abroad or in the UK, these are the best cities in the UK for a stag do. 

Best Party City For Stag Do In The UK


Newcastle Stag Do

It goes without saying that the Newcastle is one of the best cities in the UK to have a stag party.

The nightlife is incredible, possibly the best in the whole of the UK, and the city caters for absolutely everyone.

There's pubs, bars and clubs for all music tastes and ages, young and old. For daytime activities there's loads on offer. Mini golf, shooting, axe throwing or just a look around the city, Newcastle has it all.

All you need to do is make sure you're wearing your stag t shirts, and you'll be set for one epic night or weekend!

Getting To Newcastle

It's easy to get to Newcastle, with trains running down the East Coast Mainline making it easy to get to from the North, South, East and West. 

It takes around 1 and a half hours to get to Newcastle from Edinburgh and York, or around 3 hours from Manchester, Liverpool or London on the train.

You can also get the bus, or fly into Newcastle International Airport.

Pros Of Newcastle Stag Do

  • Cheap Drinks
  • Inexpensive Accommodation
  • All age groups catered for
  • Party City
  • Lots of other stags and hens in the city


Thinking of going to Liverpool on a stag night? It's a good choice! The North West city is home of the scoucers, Liverpool and Everton football clubs and is a good night out.

Other than the big night out you can check out the Cavern Club, infamous for The Beatles, and you can take a trip across the river Mersey too.

If you're heading there in the horse race season, there's Aintree which is a must if you're a gambler, or stick to the classics stag activities such as football or paintballing.

Getting To Liverpool

Liverpool is on the West Coast Mainline, so getting there by train is pretty easy. It will take around 3 hours if you're coming from the North, and around 2 and a half hours from London.

You can also get to Liverpool by road, or air flying into Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Pros Of Liverpool Stag Do

  • Plenty other stag & hen parties in the city
  • Wide choice of bars & restaurants
  • Shopping


Another big city in the North West of the country, Manchester has fast became the second city of the UK.

It's big, and with that makes it a great weekend for stags. It may be big, but it's easy to get around thanks to the Manchester tram network, so no matter where you stay you'll be able to easily move around the place.

Manchester is well equipped for the usual stag night bar crawl, or if you're into it, try something more upmarket.

Getting To Manchester

Manchester is in the North West of the UK, easily reachable via the West Cost Mainline.

Expect it to take around 3 hours coming from the North, with around 2 and a half hours coming from London. Manchester is also reachable via the A roads, or flying into Manchester Airport.

Pros Of Stag Do In Manchester

  • Big city to explore
  • Lots of bars and restaurant
  • Good transport links
  • Lots of activities


If you want a stag do by the seaside in the North, look no further than Blackpool.

Blackpool is famed for it's seaside, with Blackpool pleasure beach, Blackpool tower and the Blackpool Illuminations being some of the highlights it's known for.

The North West seaside resort is a good choice for stag weekends that are looking for a sandy and beach getaway while staying in the UK.

Getting To Blackpool

You can drive to Blackpool or get the lads to chip in for a mini bus. You can also get the train, however a connection or two may be required depending on where you are coming from.

Pros Of A Blackpool Stag Do

  • Seaside resort
  • Lots of bars and fun places to visit
  • Tons of unique attractions you'll not find anywhere else


If you prefer a Southern get away with the lads, Brighton is the place to go if you're looking to get some sand on your feet in the UK.

There's the infamous Brighton Beach, pier and dome, with plenty of activities to get your days off to a cracking start.

Getting To Brighton

If you're coming from the North, Brighton can be hard to get to, but is still possible if you're up for making the journey.

A bus or driving will take a long time, but getting a train with connections is a much faster way. Expect a 4+ hour journey.

You'll really want to make a whole weekend out of if to make it worthwhile.

Brighton is a much easier place to get to if you already live in the South, with roads and rail being a good option.

Pros Of A Brighton Stag Do

  • Lots of people in a party atmosphere
  • Usually great weather in summer
  • Seaside resort
  • Lots of eateries and bars


Looking for a good night out in Yorkshire, Leeds has to be considered. The Northern city has some great spots of nightlife, along with plenty of stuff do to during the day.

Go back in time taking the lads to the retro arcades, or if you want more macho fun, axe throwing could be on the cards.

On the the evening there's plenty on offer in terms of beer and bars, and if you fancy a challenge the Otley Run is a bar crawl worth doing.

Getting To Leeds

Leeds is on the East Coast Mainline, so really easy to get to from the vast majority of the UK. There's also Leeds-Bradford airport if you're flying, or possibilities of driving to the city.

The Best Stag Weekend Cities For Culture

Some stag weekends aren't just about drinking and getting drunk. There's plenty of picturesque places in the UK too, with lots of culture and things to do.

Here's the best stag cities in the UK for culture.

Pros Of A Leeds Stag Do

  • Easy To Get To
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Good Night Out


Going to York is not only a good night out, but there's plenty in the way of culture too.

You've got York Minster to visit, along with Jorvik Viking Centre. For shopping there's the shambles and if you're into trains, there's the National Railway Museum

Getting To York

York is on the East Coast Mainline, and is easy to get to by train. It will take around 2 hours to get to York from most regions of the UK, with longer journey's from the far south or far north of the UK.

You can get to York by car and bus, but isn't really easy to get to by air as Manchester or Leeds/Bradford are the closest airport to York.

Pros Of York Stag Do

  • Lots of culture and history
  • Plenty of food and drink options
  • Lively city


Located in Somerset, Bath is a good stag do destination if you're heading to the South West for a weekend with the lads.

You'll have plenty of West Country games and activities to take part in, including quad biking and clay pigeon shooting.

Getting To Bath

From the North Bath can be a difficult place to get to in comparison to other places. Still, it's worth going if you are looking for alternative stag weekend ideas. 

Located in the South West, you can get the train from most parts of the UK, but it will required some changes. Expect it to take 4+ hours getting to Bath from many places in the UK.

Alternatively you can drive, using the M5 and M6 if heading from the North West, M1 from the North and M4 from London.

Pros Of A Bath Stag Weekend

  • An alternative destination to the usual stag city
  • More peaceful and quiet with plenty still on offer
  • Lots of culture


Head to the midlands and one of the cities great for a stag do is Nottingham. There's plenty of things to see and do, it was the home of Robin Hood after all.

It's also the home of the UK's first Hooters bar, so if that's your thing then it's got to be worth going with the lads for some beer and hot wings.

With a lot of city experiences available, you can combine this with the traditional stag activities too which are plentiful. 

Getting To Nottingham

Nottingham is located right in the middle of the country, so is easy to get to from most places in the UK. 

It will take around 2 - 3 hours by rail or road if you're travelling from the North, and 2 hours from London on road, or just under that if you're travelling by train.

East Midlands airport is the closest airport if you're travelling by plane, but train or road travel is advised.

Pros Of A Nottingham Stag Weekend

  • Easy location to get to
  • Lots of culture as well as bars and eateries
  • Plenty of the usual stag activities to do


If the West country is the place you want to go, Bristol is the best city in the region for stags.

A combination of unique things to do along with good nightlife makes Bristol a good choice.

Instead of doing the usual lads stuff, Bristol has the Bristol Zoo Gardens, or you can take the in the sights on the Bristol Ferry.

Go back to the traditional stag stuff, there's bars and craft ale places for you and the lads to get drunk and have a good time.

Getting To Bristol

Bristol can be tough to get to if you're not located in the South or West of the country.

By train you can get there on the West Coast Mainline, with trains from Manchester taking around 3 hours.

Coming from London will take under 2 hours by train, with a journey of over 5 hours if coming from Newcastle or the North East.

Pros Of A Bristol Stag Weekend

  • A different city to the usual stag places
  • Less stag parties around
  • Plenty of food & drink

The Best Stag Cities For Relaxing

If you're group is quieter and you'd rather have a chilled and relaxing stag weekend, there's plenty of other cities set up for this.

You can of course have a quiet stag weekend in the places mentioned, but these are some other locations you can try which are different and still offer a good time.


For an alternative Northern stag, head to Harrogate in North Yorkshire. It's a place where you can relax as a group rather than party the night away.

Taking in the sights, the Yorkshire Dales is a must for any ramblers, with the cold bath brewing company there to get some ale.

There's also the opportunity to take in a show, visit the Theatre Royal and Harrogate Theatre.

Getting To Harrogate

It will take around 2 hours to get to Harrogate from the North East and North West of the country, and around 3 hours from London. You can also arrive by road if you're up for driving.

Pros Of Harrogate Stag Weekend

  • A must quieter place with less stags
  • Lots of countryside
  • Still plenty of places for food and drink


After a more leisurely and peaceful stag weekend? Cambridge could be the place for you.

The place probably most famed for it's university, Cambridge is a place to go for a spot of culture with your friends.

Take a trip to the Fitzwilliam museum, check out the river Camb and of course you've got to check out the aforementioned Cambridge University.

Being a university city you can rest assured that they'll be a few places to get an alcoholic drink or two along the way.

Getting To Cambridge

Cambridge is in the Southern half of the city, slightly to the east making it easier to get to if you're already in the south.

Getting a train from London will take just over an hour, but coming from northern cities such as Newcastle, Manchester or Liverpool will take in excess of 3 - 4 hours.

Pros Of A Cambridge Stag Do

  • Not too many traditional stags around to bump into
  • Lots of culture and history
  • A place for walks and a more quiet day and night

The Best Stag Do Cities For Sight Seeing & Activities

If you want your stag do to be filled with things to see and do not only on the night but the day, look no further than these places.

Here's some stag do cities with a lot of sight seeing and things to do through the day.


How can we not mention the capital of England, London. It's huge, and has so many sights to see and things to do during the day we can't possibly cover them all.

The traditional stag activities will be covered, clay pigeon shooting, karting, paintballing and more. But London offers sights you can't get anywhere else. The Tower Of London, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, The London Eye and so many more.

The nightlife in London is pretty good too. The tourist spots in West London can be pricey, but you can always venture out to places like Shoreditch and live it up like the locals.

Getting To London

Even though London is firmly in the South, it's so easy to get to. 

By train there's both the East and West coast mainlines, covering cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, York and Newcastle.

Pros Of A London Stag Do

  • Busy vibrant city
  • Huge amount of things to do for everyone
  • Easy to get to and get around once you're there


Head North of the border to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a great destination for any stag party.

With plenty of culture and activities to do through the day to please everyone, Edinburgh also has a fantastic nightlife

It can get expensive when the Edinburgh fringe is on in the summer, but if you love comedy that is the best time to go and there's nothing like it.

Getting To Edinburgh

If you live on the East side of the UK, you can easily get to Edinburgh by train on the East Coast Mainline. London to Edinburgh is just over 3 hours, with other cities taking even less time.

Pros Of An Edinburgh Stag Do

  • Lots of places to eat and drink
  • Plenty of activities and things to do in the day
  • Lively nightlife


Regarded by many as the second city of the country, Birmingham is a large city that is a good option for a stag weekend.

Along with a city of culture and sport, there's plenty of things to do too. If you're into shopping there's the Bullring, or check out the Birmingham museum and art gallery.

If you're looking for more traditional stag stuff, there's plenty. Lots of places to eat and more importantly drink.

You can Do bowling, paintballing, bubble football and everything else you can imagine.

Getting To Birmingham

Coming from the North East, a journey to Birmingham on the train can take around 4 hours. If you're in the North West it's around 1.5 hours, and London from 1.5 - 2 hours.

There's an option of getting there by road on the M40 from the south, or the M1 from the North.

Pros Of A Birmingham Stag Do

  • Plenty to see and do
  • Midlands location means it's easy for a range of people to get to
  • Mix of nightlife and daytime activities
The Best Cities In The UK For A Stag Weekend

Tips For Picking A UK Stag Do Location

  • Make it easily accessible which will make it an affordable stag weekend for everyone.
  • Choose a location which is best suited to the style of weekend you want.
  • Check out the accommodation beforehand online to give you a sense of the cost and area you're going to.
  • Ensure your accommodation is close to the things you want to do.
  • Remember to budget for food and drinks while you're there.

Summary: Top 15 Stag Do Locations In The UK

And there you have it, the top 15 stag do locations in the UK. All of these destinations are fantastic in their own right, and it's just about picking the one which is perfect for you and the lads.

When you think how how much a stag do costs, the location plays a key role into the budget.

You've not only got to think about getting to the location, but the cost when you're there.

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