How Much Does A Stag Do Cost?

How Much Does A Stag Do Cost?

Whether you're going on a stag do or planning one, something you'll be thinking about is the cost. How much does a stag do cost?

The costs of a stag do vary a lot, depending on what you're actually doing. The traditional lads night out can cost anything from £50 - £100, while a stag weekend away can cost upwards of £500 without factoring in food and drink.

How Much Does A Stag Night Out Cost?

If you're going to the traditional last night of freedom night out with the lads, this can be one of the more affordable stag dos.

You'll only have to pay for yourself, and can drink as much or as little as you like.

A night out with the lads will vary depending on the types of bars or pubs you go to, if you end in a club and what you drink. 

These days a night out can cost £50 - £100. Don't forget a taxi home and any money for food should be considered too.

Cost Breakdown Of A Stag Do

When it comes to working out the costs of a stag do, there's a few things you can break it down into. These are the costs for:

  • Food & Drink
  • Location
  • Transport (Taxi, Car, Bus, Train, Flights, etc)
  • Accommodation
  • Activities
  • Outfit/Clothing
  • Insurance

Food & Drink

Unless you're going abroad or travelling far, or paying for an expensive activity, food and drink is going to be your biggest cost.

It's always good to leave a big budget for this as you may not have an idea of how the night is going to go money-wise.


If you're having a stag weekend outside your own city or town, factoring in the cost of the location is something you'll need to figure out first.

There's a few things you need to consider, including how to get there and where you're staying.


Transport costs can be a lot, especially if you're flying abroad. You'll have to pay for the flight, as well as other extras such as luggage if you have any.

Don't forget some places in Europe have a tourist tax which you should consider.


If you're going away for a few days, paying for accommodation is another expense you really have to think about.  

You can usually pay for stag packages, and if you're sharing rooms, it will work out a bit cheaper.


Planning activities can also add to the cost, which varies depending on what you want to do.

There are however usually group deals on activities, so spreading the cost out with the lads will make doing activities cheaper.

Outfit / Clothing

You'll need something to wear, and while we'd love to see you in some stag t-shirts you might want to go more casual.

Wearing stag tees in an airport makes great memories, but you might want something smarter as an option if you're going further afield.


It's not the most exciting thing to think about, but if you're going abroad you really need to take out some health insurance. 

It won't cost the earth, so make sure you get covered if you're going abroad.

Curry (Or Other Food / Restaurant) Stag Night Out Cost

Stag Do Curry Night Or Restaurant Night Out

Another affordable night out for a stag do is a curry night or going for a meal in a restaurant. 

Since you'll either be paying for yourself or splitting the bill, this can be easier on your pocket too.

Expect this to be anything from £30 - £100 depending on the type of restaurant you go to, as well as money on drinks.

How Much Does A Stag Weekend Abroad Cost?

How much does a stag weekend abroad cost

Going abroad with the lads is a great stag weekend. All the lads away together on a little holiday is great , and almost guaranteed for a good time.

There's so many great stag do weekend European destinations to choose from. As with most things, this depends on any activities you plan on doing.

If you want a bit of culture and lots of cheap beer, places like Prague, Krakow and Bratislava are some places you can go.

Closer to home there's Barcelona, where you have the beach of the beach along with a great city.

The biggest drawback to this is the cost. A stag weekend abroad can be expensive.

A stag weekend abroad can cost around £250 - £500+ depending on where you're going and what you're doing. You'll also have food and drinks to pay for, along with any activities.

Flying from your local airport can cut down on the cost as well as the hassle of travelling to a different cities airport.

How Much Does A Stag Weekend Away In The UK Cost?

Going away in the UK is not only a cheaper alternative to going abroad, it's also a whole load of fun too!

There's so many stag do destinations in the UK that are made for stag dos. That of course depends on what you're planning to do.

A stag weekend away to a city like Liverpool or Newcastle will give you plenty to do in the day, along with great nightlife.

You'll have to pay for travel as well as somewhere to stay. Then you'll have to pay for any activities along with drinks and food.

In terms of accommodation, stags usually get something cheap, and share rooms with each other to keep costs down.

Stag weekends away in the UK can cost anything from £50 - £300, not including any food or drink.

Who Pays For The Stag Do?

If the stag do is being planned for the stag without his input, it's common for the group of lads to pay for him on the stag.

If the stag is planning things his own way, he may also be paying for himself while everyone else pays their own way.

Does The Groom Have To Pay For The Stag Do?

It's traditional for the lads on the stag to pay for the groom if it's being organised for him. But it doesn't always have to be that way.

The groom does not pay for everyone else on the stag, but may have to pay for himself if he's organising it or wants something expensive. This very much depends on your friendship group.

It also depends on what you're doing. The old school traditional local bar crawl will mean that you'll only have to take turns paying for the stag. No need to pay for travel, accommodation or any other activities. 

Summary: How Much Does A Stag Do Cost?

A stag do can cost anything from £50 - £500+ depending on what you're doing and where you're going.

If you're just going out with the lads, the average spend on a stag do is £75.

A UK city break can be had for around £160 on average.

A cheap weekend abroad can set you back £300 on average.

Keeping it to 1 day or night in the UK keeps costs down for everyone. Having a stag do over a whole weekend will increase the cost, especially if you're going away from home or abroad.

If you're planning the stag do, you should take into consideration the price. It may not sound a lot to you, but for others it could be too expensive for them to attend.

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