What To Pack For A Stag Do - The Essential Packing Checklist

What To Pack For A Stag Do - The Essential Packing Checklist

If you're going away on a stag do whether it's abroad or in the UK, you need to know what to take.

Here's a checklist of what to pack for a stag do so you don't forget anything.


Pack Stag Do T-Shirts For You And The Lads

You'll want to pack as light as you can, but you still need all your clothing for a weekend.

The types of clothing you take it depended on the weather and the place you're going.

If it's summer, and it usually is, that means taking clothing such as t-shirts, shorts and jeans.

You might want to take something more dressy if you're going to a nice restaurant.

If you all want to look the same, personalised stag t-shirts are also a must. These are great to wear to travel in, or wear them on your first day or night.


You'll be wearing shoes when you go, but you may want to take an extra pair. If you're wearing sports shoes to travel in, pack a smarter pair for the evenings.


You'll want to take some cold hard cash. Cards are usually accepted everywhere these days, but there's nothing like having money.

If you need to change pounds for the local currency, make sure you get it in good time of leaving.

Credit Card & Debit Card

Everything is going contactless and cards these days, so it's best to have a debit card handy.

It's also a good idea to take a credit card if you have one, so you can use it to buy more expensive things or use in an emergency.


Going abroad? A passport is the absolute must! Don't forget it, and don't lose it.

Even if you're staying in the UK it can be a good idea to take if it's your only form of ID.

Check out UK stag do vs going abroad.

ID/Drivers Licence

Whether you're planning on driving on the stag do or not, taking your drivers licence is a good idea as a form of ID.

You may need ID for things like bars or clubs or other activities on the stag do.

Mobile Phone

It would be an absolute nightmare to forget your mobile phone in this day and age. It's basically everything.

Your way of communicating with the group, it's got maps and you can even use it to buy things.

Don't forget your phone and make sure it's fully charged before you leave.

Power Bank / Portable Charger

Power banks are a lifesaver if you're out and running low on battery. You can use a power bank to charge up your phone or tablet if you're taking one.

Get a small power bank and make sure it's fully charged for when you go away.

Travel Adapters

Having a stag do abroad will mean different plugs, so you'll need some travel adapters.

Take more than one if you have more than one device to plug in.


Don't forget your bathroom essentials and toiletries. Take travel sized items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash and deodorant. You'll want to smell good too, so remember to take a bottle of aftershave too.

Hair Products

You might have to style your hair too, so take some hair products. A small tub of hair wax or paste may do the job when you're away.


Depending on what you have planned, you might want to take condoms with you. It's better to be save than sorry as they say.


For the headache in the morning you'll be thankful you've remembered to take some painkillers. 

Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is a good addition to a stag weekend. If you're going to be sharing a room, it could be a good idea to take a portable speaker.

Set up a playlist and get into the party mood.

Printed Map & Information

Most your information and maps will be on your phone, but what if something happens to it?

It's always a good idea to have a hard copy of things like hotel details, maps, and any other information you might need.

Sun Tan Lotion

You can have a lot of fun in the sun, and when the beers are flowing you might forget about getting sun burnt. If you're going somewhere hot take some sun tan lotion and don't forget to put it on.

EHIC Card & Insurance

Going abroad will also mean you'll need insurance. Get yourself an EHIC card (formerly the E111 or EU Health Card)

Food And Drinks

We're not talking about packing huge meals, but you'll want to take a few snacks and some drinks while travelling.

Crisps and chocolate and always easy grabs, and take a bottle of water too. If you're travelling a long time by road or rail, you might want to take a few alcoholic beverages too.

Pen And Paper

You never know when you're going to need to write something down, so taking a pen and notepad 

Plan Or Itinerary Of The Stag Do

Whether it's on paper or it's in an email or notes app, you'll want a plan of the stag do.

Make sure everyone has a copy so everyone knows when and where things are happening.

Here's what you need to do to plan a stag do.

Hand Sanitiser

The easiest way of getting your hands clean, a small bottle of hand sanitiser is pretty much the norm for packing for a trip these days.


If you suffer from hay fever, colds or if you're just a messy person in general, a small packet of tissues will do wonders. Don't forget to pack these.

Medical Kit

A small DIY medical kit is a great idea for the accident prone, or if something goes wrong.

This can include items such as blister plasters, plasters, bandages and more. You can buy yourself a small medical pack for the whole group.

Summary: What To Pack For A Stag Do - Checklist

And there you have it, the basic essentials you can pack for a stag do. This checklist will help you remember all the must have items you'll want to pack, along with surviving the stag do. Whether you're going abroad or having a stag weekend in the UK these are the must have items to pack in your bag.

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