How To Survive A Stag Do - 12 Tips On Surviving A Stag Party

How To Survive A Stag Do - Tips On Surviving A Stag Party

Going on a stag do can be brilliant, but you'll also need to be able to handle it. When it comes to a big night or even weekend, there could be a lot of alcohol drank.

Here's some tips on how to survive a stag do.

Set Some Boundaries

Before you even start the stag do it's best to set some boundaries, even if it's just your own.

Everyone will be able to handle different amounts of alcohol or have an idea of how far they like to take things. A good idea is to set boundaries so everyone knows not to cross a line.

Lots can happen on a stag do, so it's best to let everyone know what's in store on the day and night.

Line Your Stomach With Food

Before starting any big drinking session, it's a good idea to line your stomach with food.

Food will soak up any alcohol and should allow you to drink more while taking longer to get drunk slower.

Drink Slower

You can also drink slower. Don't feel the pressure of drinking the same speed as others. You can skip a drink if you like.

Have A Soft Drink In Between

If you want to drink but you're not a big drinker, you can have a soft drink in between alcoholic beverages.

Coke can easily look like vodka and Coke, if you're worried about what people will think, they never need to know.

Go And Get Some Food

There's probably an occasion where you can stop the drinking and have a break in the middle. If that's the case, you can find a takeaway and have some food.

Stick To One Drink Type

They say never mix grape with grain. On a stag you might be mixing beer with cider, vodka, other spirits, shots and cocktails.

If you want to avoid the hangover and getting drunk too fast, try sticking to one drink.

If you're going to have shots, you can try to make them the last thing you drink so you'll not be mixing a lot of drinks throughout the night.

Drink Plenty Water

If you're going somewhere hot you'll want to stay hydrated. If you're just drinking lots of alcohol, this will dehydrate you too, so you'll want to rehydrate. 

Drinking plenty of water will do you wonders. After the big night out make sure you drink a lot of water the morning after.

If it's a 2 or more nights stag weekend it will keep you feeling good for round 2.

Don't Be Afraid To Say No

You can always say no to drinks, or miss one out. As mentioned above you can swap it for a soft drink or bottle of water.

If there's activities or games which aren't your cup of tea, you can also opt out of these too.

You can make it known before you go or star the activity that it's not something you're into, which should make things less awkward.

Social Media Blackout - Don't Post Photos

As a group of lads anything could happen. In the times of the past this wasn't sure an issue, but now with social media just a click and a swipe away it can cause problems.

Get all the lads to agree not to shave anything on social media. Everyone is on social media, so if anything goes down you can be certain that everyone will find out about it no matter what you're settings and friends list looks like.

Ban Camera Phones / Photos

On the back on social media, there's photos and camera phones. You can be everyone has a camera phone, as will you.

You can ban taking photos, or at least keep them to a minimum or set a rule to not share anything on social media.

A good idea would be to take a camera or a disposable camera if you want photos.

That way you still have the memories without worrying that someone drunkenly uploaded some dodgy pics to social media.

What happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do.

As The Night  Draws To A Close, It's Every Man For Himself

If you've ever been on a stag do, you'll know as the night goes on it can get less and less crowded, with people either going home or going back to their accommodation.

At this point it's every man for himself. Some might leave, some might meet girls, and once it gets to that time it's every man for himself.

Don't Forget Headache Tablets In The Morning

When it comes to packing for the stag do, you should have had headache tablets on your list.

The morning after you'll be glad you have them, and remember to take them.

Summary: How To Survive A Stag Do

And there you have it, how to survive a stag do. Drink plenty of water, eat food, set boundaries and take your time and you'll be well on the way for surviving the stag do.

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