How To Make Your Stag Do Affordable For Everyone

How To Make Your Stag Do Affordable For Everyone

A stag do can come at quite a cost, depending on what you want to do. You should aim to make it as affordable as possible not only for the groom, but the whole stag party who is attending.

There's plenty of ways to ensure you can make the stag do affordable while keeping it fun and maximising your night.

Here's how to do it.

Set A Budget (And Stick To It)

One thing which can put many people off a stag do is the associated costs. The cost of a stag do can vary a lot. This generally depends on where you're going and what you're doing.

Setting out a budget and costs and letting people know is the best way of keeping costs down for everyone.

You can give people a general idea of how much it's going to cost. Whether that's for a hotel, flight, accommodation and any activities you have planned.

There's plenty of ways to have a cheap stag do while still keeping it awesome.

Run Ideas Past The Group

Once you've worked out the budget you'll want to run some ideas past the group. Each person's financial circumstances will be different, and money is the last thing you want to argue about.

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Once the group is happy about the amount they have to pay each, you'll feel at ease when planning the stag do.

Stick To Your Own City

The traditional stag party of going out to the bars and nightclubs in your own city will be a lot cheaper than going elsewhere.

You'll not need to worry about things like accommodation or travel, and you'll know your own bars and clubs well enough to know which are expensive and which are not.

Have A Kitty

Pool all of your money and have a kitty. This will involve everyone paying in a certain amount of money into a pot which can be used for things such as drinks.

This can have a negative effect, if for example some have more drinks than others, or drink more expensive drinks.

If you stick to buying in rounds and everyone drinks the same, this isn't a problem.

If Having It Outside Your City, Stick To The UK

If you want to venture outside your city, try another city in the UK.

There's plenty of great UK locations for a stag do, with some being cheaper than others.

Depending on how far you travel, you could be able to get a train and get the last train home, or just stay over for one night.

How To Keep The Stag Do Affordable If You're Going Abroad

If you have your heart set on going abroad for a stag do, there's things you can do to keep it affordable.

There's so many stag do destinations in Europe which are affordable, with cheap food, drinks and accommodation.

Keep the cost down by finding one which flies out of your city by a low cost airline.

Try and take hand luggage only, or group up and pay for 1 or 2 suitcases to put everyone's clothes in.

When organising accommodation, make sure you get large rooms and share with the other people.

This can really make a difference and make it as cheap as possible for good accommodation.

There's also the option of a backpacks or a hostel, which are found in most cities and are very affordable.

Summary: How To Make Your Stag Do Affordable For Everyone

To make your stag do affordable for everyone, it's best to set a budget that everyone is comfortable with.

Get ideas from the rest of the lads about how much they're prepared to pay, and take it from there.

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