Who Should You Invite On A Stag Do? The Complete List

Who Should You Invite On A Stag Do?

If you're organising a stag do or thinking about it then you may be thinking, who should you invite to the stag do?

You should invite the friends and male family members of the groom aka stag. You might also want to include some members of the bride's family too.

Sounds simple right? Well there can be some challenges as well.

How Many Is Too Many For A Stag Do?

You should limit how many guys you invite on a stag do. But how many is too many?

It really depends on what you're doing. For the perfect stag do, you'll not want more than 20 lads. Even this is quite a lot.

The more people you have the more complicated it gets. That's a lot more organising and planning, but also the night out or activities themselves.

If you're having a stag do abroad the bigger numbers can mean more problems. If you're doing something simple such as a lads night out or a curry, it can be much easier for a larger group of lads.

Should You Invite Work Mates To Your Stag Do?

Inviting work mates and colleagues can be a tricky thing to judge. You'll have to make that judgement yourself, and it really depends on where you work and what your workmates are like.

It will also depend on what exactly is planned for the stag do itself.

If you are close friends with your work colleagues that could be fine. But if you've planned on doing anything crazy, you might not want that going around the office.

Check out what can possibly happen on a stag do to see if you'd like your work mates along for the ride.

Should You Invite Your Dad On Your Stag Do?

If you dad is fun and think he'll be up for it, you should invite him to the stag do!

This obviously depends on your dad, your group of friends and whatever you've got planned.

The traditional bar crawl is usually perfect for dads, and if it all gets too much he can go home while you party the rest of the night away.

There's also plenty of over 50 stag do ideas you can do, if you like to hang with the older crowd.

Does The Father Of The Bride Go To The Stag Do? 

You could also invite the dad of the bride, but this very much depends on your relationship with him, and of course the activities you have planned.

For the dads it will also depend on the age gap between you and them, not to mention their age.

It's usually cool as when you're planning the stag party this is taken into account.

Can You Invite Someone On The Stag Do Who Isn't Invited To The Wedding?

Inviting someone on the stag do who isn't invited to the wedding could be fine, but it really depends on how big your stag do is.

If you have a small stag do, you'll only want your close friends there. But If you're having a big stag do, it can be normal to have people at the stag who aren't going to the wedding.

This could be work mates or even friends of friends who you know.

Similarly, you might want to keep your wedding really small, but celebrate the stag do with all of your friends.

Who Should You Invite On A Stag Do: Checklist

Here's a checklist of who you should invite on a stag do. You can of course add or remove people as you wish.

  1. Best friends
  2. Old school friends
  3. work colleagues
  4. Family members including dad, brothers, male cousins, uncles, even grandad if he's up for it!
  5. Male in-laws including father of the bride, any of her male family members who you get along with
  6. Any friends or casual acquaintances you have
  7. Older friends you have not seen in a long time
  8. Old friends from University, College, School or anyone you have a passing friendship with

Summary: Who To Invite To A Stag Do

You should invite the close friends of the stag, any old friends that the groom still has a relationship as well as male family members including the stag's dad and possibly father of the bride.

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