What Happens On A Stag Do?

What Happens On A Stag Do?

If you've never been on a stag do and were wondering what happens, here's what usually goes down.

There's a lot of drinking, going bar to bar and usually talking to guys who are friends with the stag in the group who you've never met before.

There could be a trip to the strip club, or a stripper, but this is actually becoming less and less common, with a more variety of activities being on offer.

How Long Does A Stag Do Last?

The length of a stag do can vary a lot. Traditionally the stag do was the night before the wedding, a trip to the pub or the local bars and nightclub.

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If you're having the stag party in your own city, a stag do will last the night, or it can be a whole day and night affair.

But in the modern day a stag do can last a whole weekend, aka the stag weekend. This is usually when the stag and his friends go away for the weekend, sometimes for a stag weekend abroad.

Do Men Cheat On Their Stag Do?

Men cheating on their stag do is something which is not common, but of course it can happen. This will depend on the stag himself, and of course the people he's out with.

Who Organises The Stag Do?

Traditionally the best man organises the stag do. It's his job to communicate with the whole group and let everyone know what's happening and when.

Do You Have To Get Drunk?

Usually a stag do involves at least one night of heavy drinking, but that doesn't have to happen.

There's plenty of alcohol free stag do ideas which you can check out and have a sober stag do if that's your thing. You'll have to make sure everyone is on board with this, and let them know that you don't want to get drunk.

Do You Have To Go To A Strip Club On A Stag Do?

The stereotypical stag do involves strippers or a strip club, but that happens less and less these days.

Guys much prefer a good night out with the lads along with plenty of activities in the day to keep them busy.

There's so many options and activities for guys to do, not to mention the invent of social media and camera phones that the traditional strip clubs have become less popular these days.

Pranks, Jokes And Stag Do Dares

For many, a stag do wouldn't be the same if there wasn't some shenanigans going on. Practical jokes, pranks and stag do challenges could happen, especially to the stag.

We've got plenty of ideas with our stag dare cards you can download to your phone to take on a night out. There's always room for plenty of drinking forfeits, and some 

Fancy Dress, Costumes And T-Shirts

Stag T-Shirts And Outfits To Wear On A Stag Do

For many, getting dressed up for a stag party is a must. There's plenty of clothes to wear to a stag do, and for some wearing something special is what makes a stag do what it is.

Fancy dress is an option, and is loved by as many people as it's hated by.

A really popular thing to wear are personalised stag do t shirts. Pick a design and get it customised, including all the lads nicknames on the back and you're set.

Stag t-shirts are easy to wear and still show you're all up for a laugh on the night out.

Summary: What Happens On A Stag Do?

And there you have it, some of what goes down on a stag do. With such a wide range of things going on these days, there could be anything that happens on a stag do.

From the most messy nights and weekend to something quiet, it really depends on your group. Make sure you invite the people on the stag do you want, which could make it more fun for your weekend or night.

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