What To Wear On A Stag Do - Outfit Ideas For The Stag Party

What To Wear On A Stag Do

Getting your clothing right if you're going on a stag party is a must. For most, you'll be out all night, day and night and for some a whole weekend.

Here's what to wear on a stag do which will suit every possibility.

Wear Stag Do T Shirts

If you all want to look the part the best thing to wear is matching stag do t shirts.

These can have the same design on the front, but personalised on the back with your own names on. It's the perfect way of letting everyone you bump into that you and the lads are on a stag do!

With a vast array of designs, colours and styles to choose from, the traditional stag t-shirt is still a must have for most stag parties.

Fancy Dress Stag Do Outfits

If you really want to go the extra mile, fancy dress costumes for a stag is the way to go.

This can be a hard sell at times for some guys, as many don't like dressing up. But if you've got a good bunch and you're all up for it, fancy dress could be epic!

Great fancy dress ideas include sailors, pilots aka Top Gun style, classic wrestlers, cartoon characters and a whole lot more.

Smart Casual Clothing For A Stag Do

Smart Casusl Stag Do Outfit

If you're going to the general pubs and bars, casual clothing is another good idea.

You'll want to keep it reasonably smart, especially if you're going to a nightclub later on. 

Trainers will be OK if it's just a day time thing, but if you're staying out late, proper shoes would be recommended so you can get into places and keep the party going.

Wearing dark jeans with a shirt or T-shirt is a perfect smart casual outfit for a stag night.

Wearing A Suit On A Stag Do

Wearing A Suit On A Stag Do

If you're really going out out then getting dressed up might be an option. Getting suited up could be on the cards if you're having a posh stag do or going somewhere fancy.

Make sure all the lads know you're getting suited and booted. You wouldn't want one to not look the part!

Do You Dress Up On A Stag Do?

What you wear as a group depends on the group of guys in your stag do. Some may opt to dress up in fancy dress, others will go casual and some might get suited and booted.

If there is a set dress code or idea on what to wear, you should follow it with the rest of the other guys.

Does The Stag Have To Dress Up?

Depending on your stag, you might want to dress the stag up differently. When we say differently, what we mean is an embarrassing stag do outfit!

With all the lads in their usual attire, it could be funny dressing him up in women's clothing, and why not give him a makeover in the process!

Or you might just get him a really embarrassing shirt or t-shirt to wear. The choice is yours!

Can You Wear Jeans On A Stag Do?

It depends on what you're doing on the stag do. Jeans can be fine for most stag party situations, but if you're getting suited up, or plan on doing sporty activities, jeans would not be suitable.

Summary: What To Wear On A Stag Do

And there you have it, what you should wear on a stag do. You should follow the dress code if there is one. That could be casual, fancy dress or suited and booted if you're being fancy.

A great idea is to get personalised stag T-shirts. Everyone will wear the same design, with their own nicknames on the back for a bit of a personal touch.

You'll also get noticed more when you're on the stag night, something you might want to consider.

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