When Should You Have A Stag Do? The Best Time Between Stag Do & Wedding

When Should You Have A Stag Do? The Best Time Between Stag Do & Wedding

If you're a guy getting married you might be wondering when do you have a stag party?

Traditionally a stag do used to be the night before the wedding. But these days a stag do can be weeks and even months before the wedding itself.

Here's why.

Stag Dos Turning Into Stag Weekends

In days gone by the stag (aka the groom) would have his stag party the night before the wedding.

This would be organised by the best man, and would typically involve going on a night out, getting drunk, and even perhaps tying the stag to a lamp post.

A stag night may have been on a Friday night with the wedding on the Saturday. It would be up to the best man to make sure the stag gets to the wedding in a reasonable condition.

These days stag parties are turning more into stag weekends. A whole weekend away with the lads before the wedding. This weekend away takes place somewhere in the UK, or even a stag do abroad

With that said, it's almost impossible to have this take place the day before the wedding.

Even when the stag do is only in your own city, it's usually weeks or even a month before the big wedding day.

More Time To Recover

Having your stag do weeks before the wedding gives you (and your body) time to recover.

There's nothing worse than having a long day and spending it hungover.

A wedding day will be a long one, so you'll not want a crazy stag do the night before the big day.

There's plenty of things to do to survive the stag do, and planning it well in advance of the wedding is a good idea if you think it's going to get crazy.

Easier To Plan

When you've got more time, it's far easier to plan things. The best man usually plans the stag do, and give him more time and there'll be more he'll be able to organise.

It also gives you more of a window to do something. A stag party on the night before the wedding only gives you one specific day.

Planning it weeks in advance means you can pick a date easier.

Summary: When Should A Stag Do Be?

A stag do is usually a few weeks or even a month before the wedding. This gives everyone time to enjoy the stag party well before the wedding takes place.

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