Geordie T-Shirts

Oi oi alreet pet! If you're looking for Geordie T Shirts which are printed in Newcastle, then you've found them! We've got plenty of tops and tees for lads and lasses with the most famous Geordie sayings and quotes on them. Read more

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Jesmundo Geordie T-Shirts

Newcastle T Shirts

Not only do they make a great gift or souvenir for those who love the accent, but bring back memories for all true Geordies who live in the greatest city, Newcastle upon Tyne. Jesmundo Geordie T Shirts are designed and printed in Newcastle, so you can be sure the the Geordie heart and soul is right here in the design, made with love in the toon. Every true Geordie needs one of these tees in their life, and you'll know you're from the North if you can understand these Geordie sayings.

Geordie Prints

If you want an incredible Newcastle inspired gift then our Geordie prints are the way to go. Of course these are designed and printed in Newcastle too. These geordie posters look great on the wall, whether it's in the living room, office, bedroom or even the netty (that's the toilet for non-Geordies!). Don't worry if you struggle with the accent or words, the Geordie definition prints explain every word with a bit of humour.