Alcohol Free Stag Do - Stag Night Ideas For Non Drinkers

Alcohol Free Stag Do - Stag Night Ideas For Non Drinkers

Organising a stag do but not a big drinker?

Want to have an alcohol free stag party?

There's plenty of ways of having a dry stag weekend, alcohol free but filled with plenty of fun and good times.

The traditional stag night is all about a booze filled drunken good time, which is cool, but there's plenty of other options out there if you want something different.

Here's some ideas and activities for what you can do for a fun and sober stag weekend.

Paint balling / Airsoft

Running around an assault course with guns can be fun, and if that sounds like your idea of a good time, paint balling or airsoft could be for you.

Split yourselves up into teams, and then it's a game of survival. Paintball is a little more hardcore and will leave you splatted with paint, whereas airsoft is slightly less harsh, and without the paint.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you want to go shooting but not get shot at yourself, clay pigeon shooting is the one to try.

Go out to the country with the lads and get your shooting game on. See who can bag the most clay pigeons, and who's the best of all the gang.

Go Karting

If you love to race, a go karting day is something you should consider. Get all of the lads on the track at the same time, racing wheel to wheel in some fast and speedy go karts.

Driving Experience - Track Day

Track day experiences are always fun, and if you've ever wanted to drive a super car, or sit in the passenger seat for a hot lap of a track, this is going to be a good choice for you.

Stag Weekend Abroad

Save money on the alcohol and have a weekend away with the boys. There's plenty of cheap stag weekends abroad you can go on, which will leave you with happy memories.

Forget the booze filled Eastern European destinations and go for something with a little bit more culture.

You'll also want to look like a group of lads, so getting the group stag do t-shirts is an easy way of everyone look good together. It will also make it easier to find each other when out!

Go To A Gig

Fancy a night of music? Going to a gig or a concert with the boys is a good way to spend a night without having to get drunk.

See who's performing or touring in your city, or go to a gig somewhere else for a holiday experience.

Curry Night

If you and your mates are fans of Indian food, a curry night could be on the cards. 

Check out your local restaurant or curry house and see what they have on offer. Book the night and enjoy some good food with your friends.

Golf Day

It's the best way to spoil a good walk...Apparently. Golf is being played by more and more guys these days, and is increasing in popularity with the younger folk.

Perfect for the more mature stags, those younger or a mixed group, golf is one of the more relaxing activities.

So no matter if you're really into your golf or you just fancy trying it out, it can be a fun way to enjoy a day out with the lads.

Bubble Football

We're all competitive, and if you want to have some fun too, bubble football is the way to go.

You're encapsulated within a bubble with only your legs and arms outside, so you can run around and kick the ball, but not a lot else.

The fun thing about this is bouncing into your opponents and knocking them around. Since you're in a bubble injuries are minimal, and you can't really fall to the ground.

It's definitely up there as one of the more unusual stag activities, but it's a whole lot of fun.

Comedy Club

If you're going on a stag and worried that the joke could be on you, going to a comedy club will make sure that it's not.

A night of laughs with the boys, going to a comedy club to see an act or a comedian is another great activity you can do on a stag night while remaining sober.

Pool Night

No matter how good you are, playing pool is something almost all lads like to do. Better still, it's a game which you can play while being perfectly sober, and in fact is probably an advantage.

Have a pool night, get a couple of tables and have yourselves a little tournament, or just play socially if you're not a competitive bunch.

A pool night is one of the more affordable stag do ideas which you can come up with, but it's still a whole lot of fun.

Bowling Night

Another fun activity to do as a group is bowling. Head on down to the lanes, enter in some comedy nicknames into the scoreboard, and then it's game on.

Why Have An Alternative, Alcohol Free Stag Do

There's plenty of reasons not to go down the traditional route of bars, clubs, strippers and alcohol. 

These days there's an increasing number of people who aren't really into those things any more, and would prefer an experience.

There's plenty of alternative stag do ideas you can try, all of which will leave you with a clear head in the morning.


And there you have it, plenty of ideas on how to have the best alcohol free stag do. You'll be sober, hangover free the next morning and have a whole lot of memories without the need for booze.

For more information check out our stag do tips for great ideas and advice on stag parties and activities.

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