Stag Do Ideas For Over 50s - Stag Weekend Ideas For Mature Gentlemen

Stag Do Ideas For Over 50s - Stag Weekend Ideas For Mature Gentlemen

We are getting older when we get married, or maybe married more than once. Going out with a bang on a stag do isn't just a young man's game, you can have a great stag weekend no matter what you're age.

If you're looking for ideas for over 50's, and you're the mature gentlemen, there's plenty of things you can do which will make it a night to remember.

One of the good things about us old guys is that we tend to have more disposable income, so plenty money to spend on having the best night we can, and enjoy some of the finer things.

Here's some activities you and the lads can enjoy. These are things all ages will love, but the gentlemen among you, perhaps a little more.

Whisky Tasting

The nectar of the connoisseur, we're talking about whisky tasting. There's plenty of places which offer whisky tasting sessions you can try out.

If you happened to be in Scotland or Ireland this is perfect, with Scotch and Irish whisky being the national drink.

Wine Tasting

If you are more of a wine drinker, then doing a wine tasting could be something you and the guys enjoy.

There's plenty of great wines out there which you can discover, so if you like a drop of red or white, wine tasting could be for you.

Craft Beer Tasting

Beer is no longer just lager, it's more than that. If you just love experimenting and trying out different beers and ales, a craft beer tasting session is something which you're going to love.

Bar Crawl

There's nothing wrong with the good old fashioned bar crawl, no matter what your age.

This traditional lads night out works no matter what your age. Get yourself down to some of the local bars which are fun and welcoming, drink with the lads and don't forget the comedy dancing too.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you are looking for some daytime activities for your stag weekend, shooting is one you can check out.

Head off to the countryside for a spot of clay pigeon shooting with the boys, and finish up with a drink.

Horse Races

Going to the races is possibly one of the most stylish daytime things you can do for a stag party. 

You and the lads get suited and booted, head off to the races and of course have a flutter on the horses. It's a good day out, with plenty of laughs, drinks flowing and possibly backing a winner.

Casino Night

If you fancy yourself a bit of a James Bond, you can go to the casino for a night of gambling. Dress to impress and take a bit of cash to play with that you can exchange for chips.

Fine Dining

If you're more into food than alcohol, a fine dining experience could be something to go for. 

Book up a posh restaurant with the lads, order your favourite foods and of course a nice bottle to wash it down with.

Cigar Lounge - Cigar Tasting

Something different and unusual for a stag do could be to go to a cigar lounge, and try some cigar tasting. Whether you're a veteran or it's just something you want to try, this is the perfect excuse to get yourself down for some smokey action.


If you love to relax and do not very much but enjoy good company, fishing could be something you could look at doing. It's a laid back and relaxing activity, and you might end up with the catch of the day.

Boat Cruise

Going around the pubs and bars can be tiresome, so for a more relaxing way of enjoying alcohol, a boat cruise could be the thing you'd prefer to do.

Get yourself on a boat with the boys, have a couple of drinks and sail down the river.

Golf Day

It's the perfect way to spoil a good walk, we're talking about golfing. The good thing about this is that more and more young people are taking up golf, making this a great idea for a mixed age group, as well as the older guys.

4x4 Driving

Take your stag off road with some 4x4 driving. It's a proper boys activity, with driving high priced 4x4 vehicles around in the countryside on rugged ground. 

Life Drawing

Something different for you and your group is life drawing. Unleash your arty side with a day of life drawing, which is a more laid back and tranquil way of celebrating a stag.

Comedy Club

If you want a night out filled with laughs, going to a comedy night at a comedy club is something which will suit. 

Find out who is on at the local club, get yourself down there and have a laugh.

Stag Do Abroad

If you're looking to do something over a weekend rather than the old fashioned one night, a stag do abroad could be a great option.

There's plenty of places which are perfect. From Eastern Europe hot spots such as Krakow, Prague and Budapest, to the more western European cities such as Hamburg, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Luxury Stag Do

Want to go out with a real bang? Organising a luxury stag do is the way to go.

When money is not an object, there's plenty of things you can do for a posh or luxury stag night, weekend of fully blown week.

Fly to the most glamorous locations, first class of course, drink the finest champagne and eat food of the gods. If there's time, you can enjoy some high priced activities too.

Hotel Options

When it comes to a hotel for the mature guys, you should be able to afford something better than your run of the mill stag.

Swap out a cheap hotel or hostel with something 4 star, get an apartment for the group or hire out a villa.

Planning The Stag Weekend For Older Men

Planning a stag weekend for older guys is just the same as planning for any age. You have to make sure there's activities which everyone can enjoy, and that are in everyone's price range.

More thinking could be required, as your usual stag in their 20's may be happy with bars and clubs, the more mature folk may not have this in mind when it comes to a good time.

Ask the people going on the night what their preferences are, what they like and what they definitely don't, and you'll be able to arrange something which suits all tastes.

Who To Invite

When it comes down to who you should invite, it should of course be the stags friends.

If you're thinking of family, you may want to ask him first. There could be sons or other family who he'd want to have there, as well as the bride to be's family too.

If there's people who he doesn't want there, simply don't invite them. 


And there you have it, plenty of stag do ideas for over 50's who are looking to have a good time. Remember that it's all about having fun on the night or the weekend if you're going away. 

Have a good one!

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