Alternative Stag Do Ideas - Unusual, Unique & Quirky Activities

Alternative Stag Do Ideas - Unusual, Unique & Quirky Activities

Not a fan of the stereotypical and traditional stag do?

Or you just want to do something different than everyone else?

Whatever you're reason, there's plenty of alternative stag do activities and events which you and the lads can partake in. 

If you've been put in charge of organising the stag weekend, the pressure is on to make it something memorable.

So, there'll be no mention of strippers, clay pigeon shooting, bar crawls or anything of that nature here. Those brilliant but traditional ideas for your stag night are to be expected, but we're looking for something a little more quirky than that.

There's a lot of activities in the UK, but if you're having a stag do abroad there's definitely a whole lot of things to do which you simply can't do here in good old Blighty.

Here's some alternative and unique stag do ideas for a night or weekend you'll remember forever.

You can do these activities in various places in the UK and Europe, professionally organised and ran by experts.

Blindfold Driving

You and your mates fancy yourselves as brilliant drivers? How about trying it without your sight? That's what blindfold driving is all about.

See who does the best without being able to look where they're going in your own blind driving challenge.

Sumo Wrestling

Want to take on your friends in a fun kind of fight? Sumo is the way to do it. It's all about fat suits and soft matting, and it's a whole lot of fun.

Organise your own sumo wrestling competition between you and the lads, the winner gets the shots in.

Football Golf

You've heard of football, you've heard of golf. What happens when you mash them together? You get football golf!

An epic new sport perfect for stags, swap out a golf ball for a football, your foot for a golf club and have larger holes for the ball to fit in. 

Hire A Celeb - Celebrity Appearance

You can now get your favourite celebrity to attend your stag! Well, maybe not your favourite, but there's a lot of Z-Listers who'll do an appearance at your stag do, have a drink and a laugh with you.

It's a brilliant idea which will get everyone talking about how epic your stag party was, and this will make it stand out from the rest. Everyone loves a celeb.

Beer Bike

This is not going on your mountain bike holding a can of beer, it's the beer bike. A large bike complete with a table and plenty seating for you and your mates, you all pedal your way around a city.

The beer bike is best in a city abroad, preferably in the summer, when the weather is better.

Stag Arrest

Imagine the stag's face when he get's arrested! It's all fake and in good fun of course, but don't tell him that. He'll find out in good time, usually with a nice little surprise at the end.

Getting him a fake arrest is a hilarious way to stitch him up, and he should take it in good humour.

Axe Throwing

Imagine playing darts, kind of cool...But what about using an Axe? That's kind of what axe throwing is all about, and it's booming in popularity.

Get in their first with organising axe throwing for your stag party. 

Demolition Derby

Fancy driving some cars and smashing into each other? No need to worry about damaging your own car, this is demolition derby.

There's places which have a demolition derby, hire cars which you can drive around and race, smashing into your friends to get past them and take the chequered flag.

Escape Room

You and the lads are in a room and have to solve how you're going to get out. That's what the escape room is all about.

You and the guys will have to work together, solve puzzles and get clues to be able to escape.

Football Darts

Iiiiiiin One! What do you get when you combine football and darts? It's football darts.

Giant dart board that you kick footballs at, it's just like darts but using your football skills, and is a load of fun.

Extreme Water Jet pack

The most fun you can have in the water, it's the extreme water jet pack. Gravity defying, you can feel the wind beneath you while you're flying in the air, performing tricks.

Inflatable Games

Inflatable games aren't just for kids any more. You can check out an inflatables centre or park, which are purpose built for adults, with a lot of fun and games which can be challenging.

Nerf War

It's like paint balling without getting hurt, it's the Nerf war. Find a place which has this facility, which is usually a large indoor arena which is purpose built for a war with your mates.

Gaming Tournament

We're all into gaming now, so a gaming tournament could be on the cards. Whether it's a FIFA tournament, Fortnite or Call Of Duty, there's plenty of games you and the lads can play.

This is really affordable, so is on the list if you're looking for a cheap stag do on a budget.


We're all scared of heights right? You can try to overcome this with a big abseil. Find a place which organises such things, and then it's an adrenaline rush for those who are willing to partake.

Boat Party

I'm on a boat! If you've got the cash, hiring a private boat for a party is definitely something which is unique. Not a lot of stags will be doing this, but if you can get enough of friends to group together, it could be something to consider.

Hot Rod Tour

Driving round a city in Europe in some funky cars, this could be your very own hot rod tour.

Monster Trucks

Did you ever see a monster tracks show as a child and wanted to have a go? Now you're all grown up, you can!

Driving monster trucks is something unusual you can do on a stag which everyone will love to do.

Wipeout In Amsterdam

You've probably seen Total Wipeout on TV, and you can now do something similar, with Wipeout in Amsterdam.

Get the lads to do this wacky and fun assault course, and see who really is the best of all the stags.

River Cruise Boat Party

If you want to drink but want something different to a bar crawl, a river cruise boat party could be something to consider.

The boats go up the river, but this is no relaxing picturesque setting. Instead, the purpose built boats are discos on the sea, with lots of alcohol flowing and a good time for all. A river booze cruise is a great idea.

Bubble Football

Football without the dirty tackles, it's bubble football. You and your mates are encapsulated in a large bubble, with your legs exposed so you can run and kick the ball.

The fun part is crashing into each other, and knocking each other down which is inevitable. 

Go Karting

Go karting is a stag do activity you can do through the day. If you're looking for stag party activities with no alcohol, this is the one.

Do a few practice laps and then it's the big race. Will you be victorious?

Craft Beer Tasting

Beer is not just about the famous lager brands anymore, craft beer is taking over the world. You and the lads can do a craft beer tasting, and get a real sense of what good brew actually tastes like.

Gin Tasting

Gin is in. At one time gin was gin, but no more. There's tons of gins, and if that's your thing, a gin tasting session could be something unusual for you and the others to do.

Whisky Tasting

Mostly for the older gents or those who are alcohol connoisseurs, whisky tasting is something you can try.

Great for an over 50s stag, there's particular events you can do in Ireland and Scotland, sampling premium Scotch and Irish whiskies. There's also local options too, depending on where you are.

Pizza Making

Who doesn't like pizza? If you and the lads love a bit of food and fancy yourself a foodie, pizza making could be something fun you can do. With endless toppings and choices for crust, you'll not go hungry doing this.


An alternative to paint balling is airsoft. It's a similar style of event, without the paint. Pick teams, run around a battle field and shoot each other. What could be more fun?

4x4 Off Road

Whether it's buggy's or some other kinds of vehicles, 4x4 off roading is a fun activity you can do during the day. You may want a change of clothes, as it can get quite messy.


If your stag weekend is taking place in a cold country, a bobsleigh is something which you may be able to do. This is a fun and quirky thing you're able to do which could set your day apart from everyone else's.

Bungee Jump

It's the one thing which separates the men from the boys, it's a bungee jump. Do you have the balls to try this out? It's the scary few seconds of your life.

Jelly Wrestling

Watching bikini-clad girls wrestling in a paddling pool filled with jelly? That sounds like a good idea, and it's jelly wrestling. 

Day At The Races

Dress to impress and go to the races with the boys. It's one of the posh stag do activities you can do, but it's a whole load of fun. Check the racing calendar for your nearest horse race, and go.

Greyhound Racing aka The Dogs

If you fancy a flutter another way is going greyhound racing, aka the dogs. It's an unusual activity for a stag do, but one which is increasing in popularity. Place a few bets, have some drinks, and hopefully celebrate a big win.

Limo Strippers

If you're getting picked up from the airport for a stag weekend, a limo is a great option. What's better than that? A limo filled with strippers!

Get yourself a limo strippers package and truly arrive in style if you're heading abroad.

Don't forget that you'll want to dress the part, and wearing matching stag night shirts is an easy way of doing just that.

Outdoor Laser Tag

It's laser tag, but not as you know it. This is not some kids game indoors, it's a full on battleground where you have assault rifles shooting each other.

Don't worry, there's no pain, as they're lasers, and you're wearing clever receivers which can register when you've been hit. This is the most fun and painless way of running around shooting each other.

Rugged Segway

Ever fancied a walk around the countryside but don't want to actually walk? A Segway is a fun way to do it.

You can and boys can get yourselves a rugged Segway each and explore the great outdoors, and have fun at the same time.

Stadium Tour

Football lovers will definitely be up for a stadium tour. If your stag weekend takes you to a city with a big football team, a stadium tour is a must do activity for football fans.

Great in Barcelona, Madrid and other cities which boast a good football team.


And there you have it, plenty of alternative stag do ideas to make sure your day, night or weekend is unusual and unique.

Remember to ensure you have looked into the companies who organise these events, and that they're available in the location you're planning on having a stag do in.

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