Stag Do Stitch Ups - The Best Ways To Stitch Up The Stag

Stag Do Stitch Ups - The Best Ways To Stitch Up The Stag

Looking for ways to embarrass the stag on his night out?

If you're going on a stag do, there could be something arranged to humiliate the stag that he doesn't know about.

We're talking about the good old fashioned stag do stitch ups!

Usually the shenanigans will be organised by the person who plans the stag do, but if you want to get in on the act and have something in mind, you can always let him know.

We've got plenty of ideas on how you can prank the stag to have him being red faced.

Here's the best ways to stitch up the stag on the big lads night out.

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Get The Stag Contract And Rules Out The Way

First of all you'll want to let everyone know the score, and that means letting them know the stag do rules.

There's a handy contract you can get them to sign, and ensure that what happens on the night, stays on the night.

Stag Do Games Always Break The Ice

There's plenty of stag do games to get the ball rolling. The stag is the centre of it all, but to get everyone involved, getting some games on the go. When the alcohol starts flowing it will make sure the night is good from start to finish.

Stag Do Dare Cards Download

There's traditional dare cards, which are always fun. But you can also get our digital dare cards, download them straight to your phone! They're epic, and easy to use.

Now it's time to get down to business!

Surprise Stripper

Let's start it off with a traditional one, a surprise stripper. Depending on the personality of the stag, he'll either love it, hate it, or hate to love it.

Either way, it's one of those kind of stitch ups which is almost expected to happen on a stag night.

Mature Or Roly Poly Stripper

If you're stag think's he's an ultimate lad and can pull any girl, a funny thing to do could be to get him a stripper, but not a sexy woman.

We're talking about a roly poly stripper, or an old, mature lady. She'll show him who's boss and make a man out of him.

Then maybe he'll not think he's quite the ladies man he thought he was.

Stag Kidnap

The stag kidnap can take a bit of organising, and you better make sure everyone in the group knows it's fake!

It involves the fake kidnapping of the stag, usually done by an organised events company, dressed as a soldier or ladies dressed in something more sexy.

Then he's blindfolded, put in the boot and you're all driven somewhere. When you get out it's revealed that it's a hoax, and you usually end up at a bar, pub, or the next activity such as paint balling.

Stag Do T Shirts

Stag Do T Shirts

The way to get the stag to stand out is by getting the group some stag do t shirts. But here's the fun part.

The whole group is dressed in black T-shirts or colours which are discreet.

However the stag is the only one wearing a pink T Shirt.

He's got to wear that the whole night, and he'll stand out a mile in a different colour shirt than the rest of the lads.

Fancy Dress For The Stag Only

Another great prank is getting the stag in fancy dress. You and the lads are up for a good night out dressed in your best clothes, while the poor stag has been dressed by you, in some terrible clobber.

It's one way for him to stand out, that's for certain.

Sexy Maids In The Hotel Room

If you're going away for a stag weekend, you'll be staying in a hotel. Who's going to clean the room? Maids of course!

You can find companies who'll provide you with a "sexy maids" show, which will definitely give him a wake up call in the morning.

A Sexy Stag Arrest To A Strip Club

Just when he thinks his night is ruined and he's terrified, it takes a turn for the better. It's the sexy stag arrest.

Fake police which can either be uniformed men or sexy uniformed girls "arrest" the stag, he's lead away with you following, but it's not to a prison cell, it's to a strip club.

Tied Up / Taped To A Lamp Post

We've saved the most traditional until last, it is tying the stag up to a lamp post, or taping him to a lamppost.

It's an oldie but a goodie, and while the stag dos of the past were notorious and a bit dangerous, you'd leave the stag out all night, at times too drunk to get out of the situation.

In the days of social media you can keep the joke going, by tying him up, making sure he think's he's going to be there a long time and taking photos in the process, but you can let him back out once he's reached full humiliation level.


And there you have it, plenty of great stitch ups for the stag do, which will give him a night to remember.

If you wondering what happens on a stag do, all of the above are options, but of course it depends on your group of friends.

You can just go out for a good old drink without the stitch-ups, but if it's a bit of foolery you want, these are a great jumping off point.

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