Stag Do Nicknames - 50+ Ideas For Your Stag Party T Shirts

Stag Do Nicknames - 50+ Ideas For Your Stag Party T Shirts

If you're planning your night out with the lads before the wedding, our Personalised Stag Do T-Shirts are a great thing for the group to wear.

Making them funny and personal is something that has to be done, and one thing which you can do is get your nicknames put on the back of them.

What better way to break the ice with the ladies than them shouting your nickname from across the bar?

We've got some brilliant names for you and your group. From the top funny nicknames which are rude, to themed ideas and an A-to-Z of stag nicknames you can have printed on the back of your shirts.

Here's some ideas to get you started, and remember we offer FREE nickname printing when you get our Stag T Shirts at Jesmundo.

Top 50 Funny & Rude Stag Nicknames

Here's our top 50 funny nicknames for your stag do. You'll have seen these before, they're hilarious, rude and perfect for any group of friends looking for nicknames which will get you noticed.

  1. Ivor Biggun
  2. Chris Peacock
  3. Justin Case
  4. Ben Dover
  5. Tommy The Tank
  6. Juan Kerr
  7. Dixon Cider
  8. Dan Gleeballs
  9. Master Baker
  10. Paul Mycock
  11. Willie Stroker
  12. Chew Kok
  13. Dixie Normous
  14. Jack Goff
  15. Phat Ho
  16. B.J. Cobbledick
  17. Dick Small
  18. Dick Large
  19. Dick Raper
  20. Rusty Kuntz
  21. Mike Hunt
  22. Mike Litorus
  23. Mike Weiner
  24. Jack Kanoff
  25. Billy Swallows
  26. Peter Bonerz
  27. Hyman Shocker
  28. David Fister
  29. Woody Held
  30. Bobby Muncher
  31. Ben N. Syder
  32. Barry Drizzler
  33. Buster Cherry
  34. Clee Torres
  35. Dick Pound
  36. Dixie Rect
  37. Harry Azcrak
  38. Harry Kuntz
  39. Harry Weiner
  40. Hugh Janus
  41. Isaac Dick
  42. Jack Meoff
  43. Lou Swimmin
  44. Master Bates
  45. Neil Down
  46. Oliver Clozov
  47. Pat Hiscock
  48. Pat McGroin
  49. Robert Fitzinwell
  50. Seymour Snatch

What else could you have? Well you could go themed, or at least based on a theme, or for the truly cringe worthy factor, go for something dirty or sexual.

Themed Stag Party T Shirt nicknames

Top Gun Call Signs - Maverick, Strider, Goose, Iceman, Viper, Merlin, Hollywood, Wolfman

Reservoir Dogs - MR Pink, MR White, MR Orange, MR Blonde, MR Brown

Stag Do Nicknames: A to Z Ideas

Stag Party Nicknames Beginning With

A Nicknames

B Nicknames

C Nicknames

Awesome Bad Calculating
Angry Baffled Canny
Alcoholic Barmy Captivating
Able Brilliant Capable
Abusive Bashful Clean
Abnormal Bangers Clumsy
Admiring Bend Over Chubby
Alcoholic Beaver Crazy
Afraid Blunt Cheap
Aged Best Careless

D Nicknames

E Nicknames

F Nicknames

Dirty Eager Flirty
Daring Effortless Fierce
Dashing Egotistical Fabulous
Dominating Erotic Festive
Dishy Embarrassing Fine
Daft Emotional Flirtatious
Dreamy Electrofying Fizzy
Dangerous Edgy Fancy
Desperate Easy-Going Foolish
Dazzling Educated Frustrated

G Nicknames

H Nicknames

I Nicknames

Gobby Handsome Irritating
Gallant Humble Ironic
Goer Humping Innocent
Gloomy Harsh Immature
Gentle Hottie Idiotic
Generous Hot Impulsive
Groggy Hot Stuff Intense
Greedy Horny Irrisponsible
Grumpy Happy Impractical
Guilty Hypnotized Immoral

J Nicknames

K Nicknames

L Nicknames

Jealous Kinky Lazy
Juvenile Kind Loud
Jarring Kissable Lame
Jerky Keen Limber
Jobless Killer Lick
Joking Knackered Lanky
Jolly Knowing Lick Me
Judgmental Knobhead Lewd
Jumbo King Late
Jet-Set Kooky Lonely

M Nicknames

N Nicknames

O Nicknames

Manly Naughty Obvious
Marvellous Nasty Over The Hill
Mischevous Nervous Old
Mint Nutty Oafish
Massive Noble Obscene
Mad Naked Obnoxious
Moral Naturistic Offensive
Magnificent Naive Outgoing
Mature Needy Outspoken
Masculine Narcissistic Obidient

P Nicknames

Q Nicknames

R Nicknames

Pervert Queen Rauchy
Posh Quiet Ruthless
Pornstar Quick Rash
Party Queasy Rich
Patronising Quirky Rockstar
Pissed Quotable Risky
Perfect Questioning Rimmer
Powerful   Rebel
Pesky   Rude
Poor   Ridiculous

S Nicknames

T Nicknames

U Nicknames

Seedy Tactful Unlucky
Selfish Tits Unusual
Scruffy Terrible Ugly
Stunning Thick Unstable
Scary Tasty Unique
Sober Touchy Unacceptable
Sucking Tolerant Unappealing
Shy Thirsty Unbaffled
Sinful Touched Ungrateful
Savage Terrific Uncomplicated

V Nicknames

W Nicknames

X Nicknames

Virgin Wicked XXX
Vigorous Wacky X-Ray
Vagina Wonderful  
Vacuous Woeful  
Vanishing Wild  
Validating Wanted  
Vile Witty  
Vexed Worthless  
Vivid Whiney  
Vicious Winning  

Y Nicknames

Z Nicknames


Yob Zany  
Youthful Zesty  
Young Zippy  
Youngish Zealous  

Free Stag Nickname Printing At Jesmundo

Remember when you get your t-shirts from us for your stag night, we offer free nickname printing on the back of your shirt.

It's the perfect way to personalise your tees and give them that extra touch which will get your night off to a cracking start.

Get the lads together and use these for your whatsapp group names, which will get things going in the right direction.

Choose from T Shirts or vest tops, 10 different colours in sizes small to XXL, or mix and match them at no extra cost.

Make your stag stand out by getting his T-Shirt a different colour to the rest of the groups, a popular option.

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