29 Hen Party Games For Your Hen Night That Everyone Can Enjoy

Hen Party Games For Your Hen Night That Everyone Can Enjoy

A Hen do would not be complete without some entertaining games for the hen and her party.

If you have been given the task to be creative and come up with some games for your girls then we've got a couple of suggestions to get your night off with a bang!

So, brides, bridesmaids, family and friends, here's some ideas to get your party going!

Dress The Bride - Hen Party Games

Dress The Bride

A totally un-original game, but one which is played a lot. Dress the bride gives all the lasses a chance to be girls and play dress up, literally!

What You Need:

  • Plenty Of Toilet Paper
  • Volunteer hen to use as a mannequin for the dressing

How To Play

Have the toilet paper and glitter at the ready, buy some naughty badges and you're good to go. Class it up with a tiara, or keep it nice and cheesy with some L plates.

Dare Cards

The dare cards, these are amazing pieces of card with extraordinary powers! Write something down on them, and they have to do it...

They work brilliant in bars when you have some girls who are up for a laugh with the unsuspecting guys. Some favourites:

  • Propose to a guy
  • Get a snog
  • Kiss 5 guys
  • Get a pair of boxer shorts
Download Hen Do Dare Cards For Your Night Out

Kiss The Hunk

Did you ever play pin the tail on the donkey as a kid? Well this is the more, erm adult version. Kiss the hunk is a fun little game you can have with your friends.

What You Need:

Get a print out of your favourite hot guy, preferable in black and white and stick it up somewhere.

How To Play:

Get the bride to wear the most red or pink lipstick which there is available.

Blindfold the bride, spin her around a few times, and then she has to kiss the hunk, anywhere she likes, or can ;) You are sure to have a laugh with this game!

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Never Have I Ever

You've probably heard all about the game Never Have I Ever before. It's pretty straight forward, fun and is sure to get you a bit tipsy or drunk.

What You Need:

  • Bravery
  • Shot Glasses
  • Alcohol

How To Play:

Everyone takes turns in saying Never Have I Ever... and then say something they've never done. If someone in the group has done it, then they have to take a shot! If you've got a lot of confessions, then you might get very drunk, very fast! ;)

Banned Words - Hen Do Games

Banned Words

A pretty simple sounding game, but hard to keep track of. Banned words means that you draw up a list of words, and have some forfeits.

What You Need:

  • List Of Banned Words

How To Play:

If a banned word is said by someone, they have to do the forfeit. It could be words that annoy people like Totes, Amaze, Whatevs and such, or maybe you're friends are a bit geeky and say things like LOL.

The forfeits can be anything from kissing a random guy to drinking a shot, or whatever you fancy!

Scavenger Hunt - Hen Party Games

Scavenger Hunt

This one is really fun. Group yourselves into teams, it's usually best if you have 2 teams, but you may be able to get more if you have more people.

What You Need:

  1. List Of Items
  2. Willing Hens

How To Play:

You create a list of items which you have to get on your night, and the one with the most is the winner. It could be a photo with a random guy to a pair of boxer shorts.

My advice would be to leave the more risqué ones until after you've had a few glasses of champagne! ;)

Balloon Questions

A great game which will get things off to a bang, literally. Balloon questions is all about writing a question on some paper, putting it in a balloon and inflating it. Then the bride has to pick out a balloon and pop it, and answer the question.

What You Need:

  • Balloons
  • Paper
  • Pens

This can be a fun game as the questions can be quite anonymous, so you could really get some cringe or embarrassing questions for the bride using this game!

MR & Mrs

The good old game of MR And Mrs is a classic one to play. All you need is a few MR and Mrs questions and then you're good to go.

Get some paddles going if you have him or her style questions, and it will be such a laugh for everyone involved.

What You Need:

  • Some good MR & Mrs Questions
  • Paddles Are Optional
  • OR....

Download the MR & Mrs Game! 🙌 Go digital and download our game by clicking the image below:

MR & Mrs Game Download With Questions For The Bride And Groom

Name That Tune

A hen party wouldn't be complete without some music, and you can have fun with it by playing name that tune.

Pick out some of the best songs you can, and see if people can guess the song.

What You Need:

  • Source Of Music (phone, speaker, bar which plays music)

Take it back to a nostalgic twist with songs from the bride's childhood, and see if she can remember them.

Pin The Junk On The Hunk

Have you heard of pin the tail on the donkey? Pin the junk on the hunk is like that, but more adult. Yes you have a photo or picture of a near nude hunk, and you have to pin the "junk" on him in the correct place.

Did we mention you had to be blindfolded? Of course you do!

What You Need:

  • Photo of a hunk
  • Pin

Pin The Bouquet On The Bride

Similar to the game above but a bit more classy, we've got pin the bouquet on the bride.

Same rules apply as above, simply get a cut out of the bride, and the aim is to pin the bouquet on her, while being blindfolded.

What You Need:

  • Cut out of the bride
  • Cut out of flowers

Funny Nicknames For The Bride And Hen Party

A game you may want to play before the big night is coming up with some hen party nicknames.

They can be funny, cheeky, naughty and use the personality of the hen along with her name to come up with something witty.

Then you can have these printed on T-shirts, badges or anything else you can imagine, and be referred to your nickname for the rest of the night.

How Well Do You Know The Bride

One which could leave the bride unhappy about how little her friends know about her, playing How well do you know the bride might not go down too well. 

What You Need:

  • Information on the bride

Rate A Male

If you're on a night out, you might want to play a good old fashioned game of rate a male.

You can do this just talking, or make it more fun by using numbered cards to rate a guy.

What You Need:

  • Numbered Cards
  • Confidence

This can be as fun as you want it to be, from quietly discussing it with the girls, or actually going up to the guy and giving him a card with a number rating - He'll not complain if you're giving him 9 and 10's. 

Prosecco Pong

You've probably heard of beer pong, but a better version is prosecco pong!

The same rules apply, but instead of using beer, you can fill up large prosecco glasses and have a blast.

What You Need:

  • Table or playing surface
  • Ping pong balls
  • Large glasses
  • Alcohol

A really great game if you're planning a hen party at home, use the dining table, get some ping pong balls and a bottle of fizz and you're all set.

Hen Party Bingo

A classic game for all ages at the hen party, we're talking about Hen Party Bingo.

This is, however, bingo with a difference. You come up with ideas, thoughts and scenarios which you think may happen, and as they do, you can check them off.

What You Need:

  • DIY bingo cards
  • Marker pens

Start this by creating a card with a grid of squares, write down your thoughts of common things that can happen, and as they do, cross them off. Once you've got them all, you can shout, BINGO!

Snog Marry Avoid

The game snog marry avoid is best played when you're in a bar or club and you see a couple of guys.

Ask the group the question, snog marry or avoid?

If you're feeling more naughty, you can replace these with different words, but you get the general idea.

What You Need:

  • Sense of humour
  • Bravery

Truth Or Dare

Go back to your childhood with a classic, it's truth or dare. You know how this one goes, you take turns asking each other truth or dare, and then the person who picks has to then do their truth, or a dare.

What You Need:

  • Truth Or Dare Cards

Secret Missions

Fancy yourself a bit of a covert spy? The secret missions game is a good one.

This works by coming up with different missions for people.

Write these down on card, or buy pre-made cards with them on, and throughout the night, you have to complete your own little mission.

What You Need:

  • Secret Mission Cards
  • Secretive nature

It could be anything, from saying a particular word a number of times, to having  to kiss a guy or left hand drinking all night, there's plenty of fun activities which you can come up with.

Secret Slogan

Much like the secret mission, the secret slogan is all about keeping a secret, but only from a few members of the group.

How To Play:

Simply come up with some cool hen party slogans for people in the group, and spend the night casually dropping it into the conversations without anyone noticing.

Try to keep count of how many times you say your slogan, and see if it can go undetected. The winner is the one who manages to say their slogan without anyone noticing, and says it the most.

What You Need:

  • A funny yet inconspicuous slogan

Whack A Piñata

Want to take out your frustrations on something, hitting a piñata could be some good fun for the bride and all her friends.

Buy a piñata and fill it with plenty of goodies, and then take turns whacking it to destroy it, leaving you with sweets to eat.

What You Need:

  • A Piñata
  • Sweet treats
  • A stick or bat

Advice For The Bride

This one is for the veteran wives and ladies who've been there and done it all.

Advice for the bride is about writing down one valuable piece of advice for the bride, getting the group together and seeing what's been advised.

What You Need:

  • Advice cards
  • Honesty or a sense of humour

The results are usually something funny, with the old school brides giving some hilarious yet must know information for the bride to be.

This is a fun little low key game you can play if you want to keep things a little quieter.

Who's Who

A fun game to play is who's who. The way you play is everyone writes something about them on a card.

This could be a fact, a little story or something funny. Then you have to guess who's the person described on the card.

What You Need:

  • Card or paper for writing
  • Pens

How well do you know the bride? How well does the bride know you? This game will tell.

Quotes From Films Quiz

If a quiz is something you want to go for, quotes from films is a brilliant quiz to have.

You can pick films at random, or choose everyone's favourite chick flicks, grab some quotes from them, and see how much people really know from these films.

What you need:

  • Good film quotes
  • Pens
  • Paper for keeping score

Trivia Quiz

The good old fashioned traditional trivia quiz is something you can play at your hen party, whether it's at home, in the pub or somewhere else.

Simply get someone to be the quizmaster, grab some questions off the Internet and you're set.

What you need:

  • Good film quotes
  • Pens
  • Paper for keeping score

How To Play:

Split up the group into two teams, and you can even have prizes such as free drinks for the winning team that the losers have to pay for. A simple but fun game that all ages can enjoy.

Groom Surprise

A simple yet effective little game is the groom surprise. There's plenty of places to get the grooms face printed onto a cardboard mask.

When the bride goes to the toilet or leaves the room, put on your mask and you're set.

What You Need:

  • Masks of the groom to be

Hen Party Karaoke

What's better than a good old sing song? Having a hen party karaoke is a real easy game to play, and everyone can get involved.

You simply put on a song, sing a long and that's it!

You can do this at home with the aid of a hairbrush as a mic, sing in the bar that you're in, or go to an actual karaoke bar and sing together.

What You Need:

  • Singing voice - good or bad
  • Props to use for microphones
  • Music


Acting out a play, TV show, film or musical, it must be charades. Come up with a lot of ideas, put them in a hat and draw them out.

What You Need:

  • Cards with charades on them
  • Pens & paper for keeping score

How To Play:

Split up into teams, and all you've got to do is guess what the hen is acting out. An easy to play game for all ages, it's a classic everyone will already know.

Pass The Parcel

If you're having a hen party at home and want to involve kids, pass the parcel is a good way of including everyone in your hen party.

How To Play:

You know how to play this game. Wrap up a prize in layers of paper, the parcel then gets passed around.

Play some music, tear off a layer of paper when the music stops, and then when there's no paper left, the one holding the parcel gets the prize.

What You Need:

  • Lots of wrapping paper
  • Prizes/presents
  • Music

Hopefully that will give you just a few ideas of hen party games you can have at your hen do. We hope that it's a night to remember, after all, how many hen nights are you going to have? ;)

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