10 Low Key Hen Party Ideas That Everyone Will Enjoy

Low Key Hen Party Ideas That Everyone Will Enjoy

A low key hen party is a great choice if you prefer to keep things quiet, but still want to mark the occasion with your friends.

These are great for both young and older brides who want something non-tacky and alternative from the stereotypical hen do activities.

If you're looking for a smaller or more intimate affair, and don't like the hustle and bustle of the traditional hen night, we've got some ideas.

There's plenty of things you can do which will be fun for you and all the girls, suitable for all ages, without the fuss of a big night out.

Here's our ideas, with no mention of strippers, crazy alcohol-filled clubs or other stereotypical loud hen do activities.

Here's how to have a non tacky hen party.

Pamper Session

Take you and the girls off for a pamper session to your local spa, or book somewhere special.

Whatever city you're in, there's always plenty of places which do spa days. Book early as they can get busy, and have a relaxing time at the spa.

Girls Night In

You don't need to go out to have a great hen do. There's plenty of things you can do to have a hen party at home. From a girly night in with films, food and a few drinks, to a PJ sleepover night like from the younger days.


Why not go out shopping? Everyone loves shopping, and you can make it a really good day out.

Whether it's in your own town or you go elsewhere, you can make a real day of it, with food and even a low key drink.

You can check out some of the best places for a hen party, with UK big cities offering the best in shopping experiences.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is another great low key idea for a hen do. You can either do this DIY style in your own house, or go to a local place in the city which does this.

You can share tea, sandwiches and cakes with your closest friends and have a really nice, classy time.

Classy Drinks

There's drinks where you go out and get drunk, drinking shots and as much as you can, and then there's doing things a little bit more classy.

Classy drinks or posh drinks would be going out with the girls and sharing a very nice bottle of wine, or getting a good bottle of champagne and sharing between the girls in a more high end establishment than your run of the mill pub.

Country Escape

If you're used to being in the hustle and bustle of a city, a quiet country get away could be perfect for a low key hen do.

Grab a spot of lunch in the country, go and explore the countryside with an exhilarating walk, and if the weather is nice, wasting away a few hours in a beer garden could be on the cards.


The meal that very few people have, it's between breakfast and lunch, we're talking brunch. You and the girls can start your very own brunch club, for one day only.

Find the perfect brunch spot and get your favourite comfort food which is good for the morning time.

Quiet Restaurant Meal

You can do a quiet restaurant meal with only your nearest and dearest friends, and make it a really intimate affair. Book somewhere quiet and low key, and have a really nice restaurant experience.

Beach Day Out

Get yourself down to the beach! Take a couple of the girls, go to your local beach or travel to one if you have to, and make a day of it.

Lay out and chill on the sand, have a dip in the sea, and no trip would be complete without getting some chips.

City Break Abroad

One of the best things about planning a low key hen party with only a few people, is that there's less people to please. That means organising a city break is much easier with only a few people.

You and your besties can jet off and do a city break abroad. This hen weekend is all about the select few going out with a bang, and having a good time.

You can still do all the traditional things, from getting some personalised hen do T-shirts to having a boozy night out, and making it a night that only the privileged few will remember.

Make sure you've got yourself a hen party survival kit which you can take with you to ensure you've got everything you need. From there, it's a case of picking somewhere to go.

There's plenty of great cities abroad to choose from which aren't jam packed with other stag and hens:

Check out places like Madrid, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, Rome and Paris in the West, or go further East and discover Tallinn, Budapest, Riga or Dubrovnik.


And there you have it, 10 great ideas for a low key hen party. It's all about keeping things small and intimate, as well as planning something not as loud or rowdy as you'd get on the old fashioned hen night.

Whatever you do, it's sure to be a good one, and make it an event that everyone will enjoy and be taking about for years to come.

Check out more hen do ideas if you're planning your hen do, with tons of information and tips on activities for last weekend before the wedding.

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