Hen Party In The UK Or Abroad? Which Should You Do?

Hen Party In The UK Or Abroad? Which Should You Do?

When you're thinking about the hen do you'll be thinking of the location you want to have it in. One of the big questions these days will be:

Do you want your hen party in the UK or have it abroad?

There's plenty of things to consider when deciding which option is best for you and your girls.

Here's what you need to know about having a hen do in the UK or going away with the girls.

Hen Do In The UK

Having your hen do in the UK can be epic. There's so many great UK hen weekend destinations that suit all types and groups of girls.

Whether you're looking to do something quiet, sporty, adventurous or just want a good night out, the UK has cities and places that cater for all.

A UK hen weekend will usually be a lot cheaper than a weekend abroad. The cost of the hen do does depend on the location as well as the activities you choose to do too.

If you're staying local then you'll not need to worry about accommodation or travel. Having the weekend in a city other than your own and you'll need to factor this into things.

Having your hen night in the UK will also make it a lot easier to plan. Locations, times and travelling are usually a lot easier to plan when you stay in the UK.

Overall a UK hen weekend can be brilliant. 

Hen Weekend Abroad

There's nothing quite like a weekend away with the girls. A hen weekend abroad is as a good an excuse as any to have that memorable weekend away.

There's plenty of hen do locations abroad which are geared up for a fantastic weekend.

From cheap getaways to Eastern Europe for a good drink and nights out, to something quieter in peaceful cities for that sophisticated edge.

There can be a lot more to organise when going abroad. This will be travel, accommodation and making sure everyone is free for the date selected. 

These days it's always good to plan a hen do well in advance of the wedding, so things like going abroad can easily be planned out.

The cost of the hen weekend can mount up if you are planning on going away, but booking as a group and sharing the costs can keep it to a minimum.

There's always good deals to be had if you shop around, and it will all be worth it if this is the path you choose.

Summary: Should I have my hen do abroad or in the UK?

Ultimately it is up to the bride whether she wants to have her hen party in the UK or abroad.

Both options will make great ideas, and it's always the girls and the friends who make the weekend memorable no matter where it takes place.

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