When Should You Have A Hen Do?

When Should You Have A Hen Do?

If you're getting married you'll want to mark the occasion with a hen party. But when should a hen do take place?

There's no rules, but having a hen party 4 - 6 weeks before the big wedding day is a great time.

It's far enough away from the wedding to cause any hassles, and close enough to keep you and your friends in the wedding mood.

Hen Nights Turning Into Hen Weekends

Of course in the good old days traditionally the hen night would be the night before the wedding.

But with hen nights getting bigger all the time and even turning into hen weekends, having more time to plan and enjoy it is preferable for most brides.

A lot of hens are going further afield, rather than staying local. This can be another hen city in the UK or even going abroad to celebrate the last days and nights of freedom.

Going abroad makes it almost impossible to do this the night before the wedding, so doing this several weeks or even months before the wedding is the norm.

Plenty Time To Recover

You can have it large and not worry about the big day in the morning. Giving yourself some time to recover means that you'll be fresh for the wedding along with the rest of your wedding guests.

More Time Means Easier To Plan

When you've got more time to plan something the easier it tends to be. This is the same when planning a hen do.

Giving yourself and others a lot of time means you can get things organised much easier and more efficiently. You'll be able to create a list and make sure you haven't forgot anything.

It gives you lots of time to plan your outfit so you can decide what to wear on the hen and discuss it with the girls. 

There's also plenty of time to order things, such as personalised hen t-shirts or other custom made items to make the night special.

If there's certain activities or places you'd like to go, giving yourself a few weeks window will make booking things a lot easier.

Summary: When Should You Have A Hen Do?

There's no rules or perfect time to have your hen do, but 4 - 6 weeks before the wedding is a great leaving plenty of time to plan the hen party.

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