What Happens At A Hen Party? Here's What To Expect

What Happens At A Hen Party? Here's What To Expect

If you've never been on a hen do then you might be wondering what happens. Well here's a fun and humorous look at what could and possibly will happen on the hen do you're going to.

Everyone's idea of their perfect hen do will be different. Some will be quiet, some will want to get raunchy and go all out.

We've already talked about what a hen do is, and It's hard to nail down exactly what happens on a hen do.

But here's a few things that have definitely happened on the big night.

Lots Of Prosecco

You can almost guarantee there will be a lot of prosecco being drunk, a lot! It's a good idea to not have any fizz a few weeks prior so you'll not get tired of drinking it.

If there's one event where they'll be prosecco or champagne, it's a hen do.

Accessories Everywhere!

Hen do accessories will be everywhere. That can be anything from sunglasses to tiaras, badges, sashes, crowns, veils, rosettes, balloons and L plates.

Dare Cards For Fun

Download dare cards for a girls night out

To spice up the night you can bet someone will have brought some dare cards.

If they haven't you can download these girls night out dare cards straight to your phone and play with the girls.

Penis Shaped Accessories

Penis straws, large penis inflatables, penis shaped everything! Some hens will get raunchy and go all out with the penis shaped accessories for the hen night.

Matching Hen T-Shirts Will Be Worn

matching hen do t-shirts

The best part of the hen do has to be the clothes! You can get dolled up to the 9's but there's more fun ways of going out. You can get personalised hen t-shirts so you're all matching.

You'll all get printed t-shirts with a design to the front which could be a theme, some personalisation and your own name on the back.

If Not Then It Could Be Fancy Dress

If the group is up for it there could be a case for fancy dress. The bride and maid of honour may pick a theme, and you'll have to get dressed up as that.

From sexy uniforms such as sailors and police to 80's neon themes and saints and sinners, there's tons of fancy dress hen do ideas.

The Girls Will Be Late

Just because you think the hen do starts at 8PM doesn't mean that's the time everyone will be there.

There's no doubt that some of the girls will be late. Lots of hens meet up in the afternoon if it's going to be an all day or night session giving everyone more time to get ready.

Someone Will Want Shots

There will be someone who's the designated shot queen of the group and loves to down some shots.

Whether it's jagerbombs, sambucca, aftershock or something else, you can almost be certain you'll be doing at least one shot on a hen night.

There Will Be Drama

Can a good girls night out go peacefully without any drama? Usually not! There's always drama, but not to worry, because it's usually quickly resolved and forgotten about!

After Drama Comes Tears

Then there's the tears. Tears of happiness, tears of sadness, but mostly drunken tears.

Someone Will Be More Drunk Than Everyone Else

There's always that girl, that one girl who's the most drunk out of everyone. Just embrace it and hope that it's not you!


Of course every hen party is different, and it really depends on what you're doing and your squad of girls.

Is There Always Strippers At A Hen Party?

Some girls don't like a big fuss and don't like strippers, so the obvious question is there always strippers at a hen party?

Well the answer is no, but there could well be. The maid of honour usually plans the hen night, and she might have a few surprises in store, including a male stripper.

How Long Does A Hen Party Last?

The traditional hen night was exactly that, one night. Times have changed a lot.

There's still a lot of call for the one night hen party, but many girls are making a whole weekend out of it.

You can expect a hen party to last one night, a day and night or over a whole weekend.

Who Organises The Hen Do?

The hen do is usually organised by the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour.

It's the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour's job to organise the hen do and make sure everyone is in the loop with what's going on and communicating with the group.

Do You Bring Anything To A Hen Party?

Depending on what the hen do involves, there's usually no need to bring anything to a hen do other than yourself!

If you're starting off at someone's house you might want to take a bottle of fizz, but there is no need to take a gift or present for the bride.

Who Goes To The Hen Do?

When it comes to who to invite to the hen do, it's usually pretty straight forward. The typical guest list for the hen do will be the bride's best friends and family, along with close work friends and possibly old school friends.

Needless to say only females attend the hen do!

Other guests can include the groom's female family. It's common for the sister in law and even mother in law to attend the hen do. 

Of course the bride's mum could go to!

You'll want to ask the bride who she wants to invite on the hen do, it's her night so ensure you don't invite someone that isn't wanted.

Does The Hen Party Pay For The Bride?

One of the biggest questions is does the hen party pay for the bride. There's not an easy answer to this, and every group is different.

As a general rule of thumb, if the hen do is being planned for the bride, it's often paid for by the hens and not the bride.

If however the bride is organising the whole hen do herself, it's not uncommon for everyone to pay their own way, including the bride.

It can also depend on where you're going and what you're doing, as well as how many people are going.

It's obviously a lot cheaper to all chip in when there's more people. 

But many feel that times are hard, and if you've already got to pay for an expensive weekend that should be enough. 

You'll want to keep an eye on how much everything is costing, making sure not to go overboard.

If it's a night out the best rule of thumb is that the bride doesn't have to buy drinks.

That means that everyone else will buy the bride a drink or two, so she doesn't have to.

If the hen has decided to go for a hen weekend abroad or something expensive, it could be unreasonable to expect the other girls to foot the bill as well as paying for themselves.

Summary: What Happens At A Hen Party?

You can expect a hen party to be fun with lots of thrills and spills, prosecco, shots and other alcohol to be drunk and good times all round.

There may (or may not) be strippers, and other surprises for the bride and others on the hen party too!

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