How Much Does A Hen Do Cost? Here's The Answer

How Much Does A Hen Do Cost?

If you've been invite to a hen party or you're throwing one, the amount of money is costs is going to be something you've thought about.

You can expect the hen do to cost anywhere from £50 - £300 depending on the length, location and activities you're going to do.

The cost of a hen do can vary quite a lot, so there is no simple answer. The prices vary depending on a few factors, these include:

  • The duration of the hen do (just a night or a weekend)
  • The activities you're doing
  • Where the hen party takes place (e.g. in your own city, away from home or abroad)
  • Any transport required (bus, car, trains, taxi, plane)
  • Outfit/clothing
  • Food & Drink

You can consider the ball park prices to be the following:

Day time hen do: £40 - £80

Hen night in your own city: £40 - £80

Hen weekend in the UK: £75 - £200

Hen weekend abroad: £150 - £300

Here's a more detailed look at what you'll have to pay for.

Food & Drink

If you're going out through the day, night or both, food and drink is going to be one of the biggest outlays of money.

Food can be really expensive depending on your style. If the hen do involves a sit down restaurant meal, that's going to cost. 

But if you're more interested in going out and having a good drink, that can be less expensive, depending on what you drink.


Where you have the hen do is going to be one of the biggest factors in the cost.

The usual choices are staying close to home in your own city, having a hen weekend in the UK or having a hen weekend abroad. 

Going outside your own city could mean bigger costs for accommodation and transport as we'll get on to now.


Getting to and from the hen party is going to be another cost. This very much depends on where the do takes place. 

Even having a local event you've got to factor in getting to and from the place. 

Having it outside your city or even outside the UK will mean paying for things like trains and possibly aeroplanes depending on where it is.


Keeping the hen do at home means no need for accommodation, unless you're having a staycation of course.

For a UK hen party you'll need a hotel for the duration, and this is also a given if you've planned on going abroad for a hen weekend.


Whatever you plan on doing, if you've got any activities planned this is going to add to the costs.

The great thing about hen do activities are that you usually get great value for your money.

You can plan out how much you'd like to spend and see what is available for your budget.

There's hen do dare cards which are always fun, and these days you can download them straight to your phone so no need to take cards out with you.

Outfit / Clothing

Wearing Personalised Hen Do T-Shirts

Everyone wants to get dressed up for the hen night, right?

Whether that's wearing matching hen t-shirts or you're all dolled up to the nine's, you'll want to look the part.

Keeping things simple with personalised hen do t-shirts is of course a fun and easy way for you and the gang to all look amazing.

Another great idea is to wear some smart clothing and buy a few sashes for the girls and you're all set for the hen do with minimal fuss.


If you are heading abroad you'll want to remember to take out travel insurance.

A UK hen do will mean that this is an expense you don't need. 

How Much Does A Hen Do In The UK Cost

For a hen do which lasts only a day or night, a typical hen do will cost anything from £40 - £80.

If you plan on doing a whole day and night you can obviously double that.

Having a big event? A hen weekend in the UK outside your own city can set you back £75 - £200. This depends on the location, what you do and how long you party for.

How Much Does a Hen Weekend Abroad Cost

Going abroad with the girls can be fun, but it's also the most expensive option.

Having your hen weekend abroad and you can expect to pay anything from £150 - £300 and upwards.

Just like the other options, the price will depend on when and where you go, the price of getting there, accommodation and then general costs when you've arrived.

Who Pays For The Hen Do?

When it comes to paying for the hen do, you might wonder who pays. Each person on the hen do should be paying for themselves.

All the bridesmaids, friends and everyone else should make their own contributions. 

The good thing about group bookings is sometimes you can get offers and deals, and split the costs among the girls.

Does The Bride Pay For The Hen Do?

These days the bride usually pays her own way for the hen do. You might get her some drinks or other things to make the day/night special, but the big things such as accommodation and travel the bride pays her own way.

Summary: How Much Does A Hen Do Cost?

You can expect a hen do to cost £40 - £300 and beyond. This depends on the duration, location, travel, accommodation and activities as mentioned above.

There's plenty you can do to make the hen do affordable for everyone, while keeping it fun and giving the bride some memories before she gets married.

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