How To Survive A Hen Party: Your Hen Do Survival Guide

How To Survive A Hen Party: Your Hen Do Survival Guide

Going on a hen party can be a lot of fun, but it can get pretty crazy depending on your friendship group.

You'll want to know how to survive the hen do, so here are some tips to get you through the night.

Set Boundaries

Before you go out you should think about boundaries. What you can and will do and what you won't.

If things do get too crazy you don't have to participate, and can take a step back.

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Line Your Stomach With Food

Before going on a night out of drinking alcohol it's a good idea to line your stomach with food.

Make sure you have something to eat before you go out.

Pace Yourself And Drink Slower

Going for a night our or if you're going out all day and night you'll want to pace yourself.

Drink slower which will give your body time to take the alcohol as well as drinking less in the night overall.

Have A Soft Drink Between Alcoholic Drinks

When you're feeling drunk but you know there's still a long way to go in the night, have a soft drink in between.

You can have a Coke in a glass which doesn't look different to a drink with alcohol in if you're feeling embarrassed.

Go And Eat Some Food

After a long day or night it's good to get some food. Whether you're on your way home or in the middle of the session, getting some food will soak up some alcohol and give you a break from the drinking too.

Bring Flat Shoes (Or Wear Them)

They may not be as stylish as heels but your feet will thank you. Bring some flat shoes if you can, or wear them 

Stick To One Type Of Drink

You should stick to one type of drink, but it's a hen party. That means there'll likely be prosecco, shots, cocktails and other drinks too.

If you can help it, stick to one type of drink, for most of the night at least.

Drink Plenty Of Water

You'll want to stay hydrated too, that means drinking plenty of water.

It's a good idea to drink water before and after the drinking session, drinking some before bed and again in the morning.

Don't Post On Social Media

Crazy things can happen on the hen do, and your natural reaction may be to post it on social media.

Many people in the group may not want things shared on social media. Don't post on social media and just enjoy the night. 

Create A Hen Party Survival Kit

The easiest way to get through a hen party is to create a hen party survival kit.

This can be a bag inside your bag which contains items such as hair ties, lip balm, pen & paper, tissues and small travel accessories that can fit into your bag.

Take Some Blister Plasters

Dancing all night long can take it's toll. Taking some blister plasters can save your feet or any other body part some pain.

Take Some Headache Tablets

Finally for the morning after you'll be glad you packed some headache tablets. Take a pack with you for after the hen night.

Summary: How To Survive A Hen Party

And there you have it, that's how to survive a hen do. Get plenty of rest, drink a lot of water, eat right and you're well on your way of surviving the hen do.

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