Hen Party Etiquette - 10 Things You Need To Know About A Hen Do

Hen Party Etiquette - 10 Things You Need To Know About A Hen Do

Going on a hen do but don't know what to expect?

Want to make it the best night ever for the bride?

Who pays for the hen party?

You'll want to follow a couple of rules, after all, this is the bride's last big night of freedom, so it's all about her.

If you've never been on a hen night before, or you just want to know the etiquette, there's a few things you can do, and not do to make the night a one to remember.

1. It's All About The Bride

The most important rule to remember is what is a hen do. - It's all about the bride! If you're not used to having a big night out, or want to take over things, just remember that you're their for the bride.

It's her night out, so remember that and make sure it's all about her.

2. Don't Get Too Drunk

It's the bride's night to shine, and she can get drunk. But you shouldn't get yourself too drunk. How much is too drunk?

You don't want to be remembered as "that girl who fell when dancing on the table".

3. Make It Cost Effective For Everyone

If you're wondering how much a hen do costs it can vary depending on what you want to do.

Whether you're just having a girls night out in your local town centre, you're having a hen do at home or you're going abroad, make sure that it's something everyone can afford.

4. Make Sure The Bride Stands Out

It's the bride's big night, so make sure she stands out from the crowd of other girls. A great way to do this is to buy our Hen T Shirts, and make sure the bride's is in a contrasting colour.

A great idea is having all the rest of the party in black, with the bride in white. She'll look similar with the same kind of clothing, but will stand out wearing a different colour.

5. Don't Leave The Group & Disappear

There's always one girl who finds a guy and thinks they've found the love of their life and leaves the group - Don't be that girl! Stick to the hen party etiquette and behave.

Keep the group together as much as possible, since it's a group night out.

When it comes to the end, if you're in the last club then it could be acceptable, depending on how the night has gone. But generally this is a girls night out, so make sure the hen has the best night first, before finding your own husband to be.

6. Pay For The Bride

If you're going for a meal or even going out for drinks, it would be nice if you paid for the bride. If it's a big group then you can take turns buying her drinks, or all contribute and pay for her meal.

Who pays ? The bride should definitely NOT be paying for the hens! Either everyone will pay their own way, it's a group pot or everyone will pay for themselves along with something for the bride too. Check out how much a hen party costs here.

7. Take Plenty Of Group Selfies

It's all about Instagram and social media these days! Take plenty of group selfies, you can even have a hen party hashtag and get yourself instafamous!

It's all about making memories, and the selfies and photos will be something good to look back on.

8. Don't Embarrass The Bride

You should know the bride, and know what she likes and doesn't like. If a male stripper is something that she'll die from embarrassment from, it's probably best to leave that alone.

Don't embarrass the bride to the point where she'll be upset. It's all about having fun with the girls, hen party dares could be a good idea, which you can make yourself to keep everyone happy.

9. Invite People The Bride Likes (And Not Those Who She Doesn't)

If you're organising the hen night and want to invite a friend but know she doesn't get on well with the bride, don't invite her. It's all about the bride being happy, and the group dynamic will be terrible if there's people there she doesn't like (or that don't like her).

Making sure you know who to invite is important. It should be a really good group of girls who will all get on well with each other, which could include the future mother-in-law and other members of the groom's family - But you'd probably want to run that past the bride to be first.

10. Don't Start Drama

The last rule, is probably the most important one - Don't Start Drama! Nobody likes drama, but everyone remembers it.

If you're mad with something just let it go, for one night only, for the sake of the bride. 

Keep positive, stay happy, and don't start, create or be part of any drama. If the worst should happen, be a good hen and get the bride away from anything bad which is going on.

And there you have it! That's your hen party etiquette, with 10 top ways to make sure you behave, have the best time and give the bride the send off she deserves!

We've got plenty more hen party ideas for planning and having the ultimate night out with the girls, so make sure you check those out if you're looking for tips on how to go out with a bang.

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