Hen Party Dares, Forfeits & Challenges For A Great Hen Night

Hen Party Dares, Forfeits & Challenges For A Great Hen Night

Are you ready for your hen night? If you're organising one for a friend's hen party, there's plenty of games which you can plan, and something which is great to do are dares, forfeits and challenges which gets everyone involved.

If you're planning on playing some hen party games, having some dares will be essential to serve as a forfeit for the girls who get questions wrong, or fail tasks.

They are fun, naughty and just the right level of embarrassing for the bride to be which will give her a night to remember.

Dares and challenges are the most fun which you can have with a group, everyone can be included and you will definitely have fun.

How can you make it a night to remember?

Download Hen Do Dare Cards For Your Night Out

List Of 50 Hen Party Dares

Here's our list of hen night dares which are funny, naughty, rude and guaranteed to give you a great hen night with your ladies.

  1. Get a kiss from 5 different guys
  2. Collect 3 pairs of boxer shorts
  3. Kiss a man with a bald head
  4. Down a shot of alcohol which someone else orders
  5. Get a random guy to buy you a drink
  6. Wear your bra outside your clothes for 10 minutes
  7. Go up to a random man and propose
  8. Get a man's glasses, take them from him, put them on and take a selfie
  9. Photobomb at least 3 men's photos
  10. Go up to a man and sing to him
  11. Order a drink in a foreign accent
  12. Talk to a man in a foreign accent and convince him you're from that country
  13. Down 3 shots in a row
  14. Down a cocktail of the hen parties drinks
  15. Down a pint in one
  16. Get a man's business card and leave a message on his answer machine
  17. Talk to a random stranger like you've known him all your life
  18. Convince a stranger that you're famous
  19. Ask someone for their autograph
  20. Can't say no - For 30 minutes you can't say no to anything
  21. Blow a kiss to a stranger across the room
  22. Get a selfie with a doorman / bouncer
  23. Perform a dance like a cheerleader
  24. Serenade a stranger
  25. Ask a man to serenade you with a song
  26. For 10 minutes you can't speak, and have to sing everything you want to say
  27. Perform gym exercises and work out style dance moves to the music playing
  28. Get a pair of men's boxer shorts and wear them over your clothing
  29. Find a guy who'll let you put your lipstick on him
  30. Hug 5 different men
  31. Get a photo with the hottest man in the room
  32. Get someone to take a photo of you - But with their own camera!
  33. Get a man's phone number, and leave a message on his answer machine
  34. Take a photo with 4 different men who look like they could start a boy band
  35. Say the alphabet backwards
  36. Fake an orgasm
  37. Do 10 press ups in public
  38. Do some yoga poses
  39. Get a man to talk dirty to you
  40. Go up to a man and talk dirty to him
  41. Give a piggy back ride to someone
  42. Dance on a table or stand on a chair
  43. Take off your bra without removing your top
  44. Get a photo with a barman
  45. Stand on one leg and count to 20 out loud
  46. Swap an item of clothing with a man
  47. Do an impersonation of someone famous
  48. Have your photo taken with a policeman or someone in uniform
  49. Dance to the birdie song or the Macarena
  50. Remove a man's belt without using your hands

That's quite a list to get through! Pick out your favourites and write them down or print them off.

The dares are perfect if you're playing a game of MR & Mrs. and are looking for some challenges for the game.

DIY Hen Party Dare Cards

We've created some printable hen party dare cards for you to use yourself! There's ten of the best dares, and all you need to do is print them out, cut them to size and you'll have your set of dare cards.

Click here to print DIY Dare Cards

Check out the image below which shows you the best 10 dares for your night.

DIY Hen Party Dare Cards

The Scoring System

Different dares and challenges should have different points, as they are not equal.

For example, getting your photo taken with a stranger is not so difficult, but wearing your bra outside your clothing for 10 minutes is far braver and lasts longer.

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Team Challenges

Challenges are a little different from dares, as they usually have a time limit or require something a bit more than a simple dare.

They can be more fun, as you have to usually complete a set of tasks, or with one challenge it could have different parts to it. Here's a few challenges which you will love.

You can do these challenges separately, with different girls doing different things, or why not break up into teams to make it more fun and competitive.

  1. Collect as many pairs of boxer shorts as possible.
  2. Get an entire men's outfit by the end of the night. Boxers, socks, shirt/t-shirt, as much as possible.
  3. Get as many condoms (for free) as you can. That means getting one from a different man.
  4. Each team asks the same random man to marry him. The man can only say yes to one!

Challenges For The Bride / Bridesmaid / Friends / Single

  1. You can't say No for an hour
  2. Left hand drinking for the rest of the night
  3. Do a sexy pose on as many cars as possible
  4. Become a statue - Pick an obvious place and you must stay still for 5 minutes
  5. Get a piggy back from a man and do 1 tour of the bar or place you're in

Hen Party Forfeits

What happens if you break the rules on a hen party night, or you don't do a dare or fail at a challenge?

You have to take a forfeit! These can be fun, embarrassing and will really get people doing the dares and challenges, or else they'll have to do the forfeits!

The Best Hen Night Forfeit Ideas

  1. Drink a cocktail made up from everyone else's drinks
  2. Wear a piece of underwear on your head until the next round of drinks
  3. Drink the most disgusting thing on the menu
  4. Get a man to buy your next drink - You're not allowed to drink unless someone buys your drink for you.
  5. Wear some silly props (beard, wig, hat, etc.)

And there you have it! So many forfeits, dares and challenges to make a hen party an awesome night!

Don't forget to check out more activities and ideas for your hen party to have an unforgettable night for all the right reasons.

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