Hen Party On A Budget - How To Make Your Hen Do Affordable For Everyone

Hen Party On A Budget - How To Make Your Hen Do Affordable For Everyone

Planning a hen party can be tough, especially if you want to do a lot of things. You've got to think of the cost, not just for yourself but for everyone invited to the hen do to. 

You can have an amazing hen do without spending a fortune, and make it memorable.

Here's how to make your hen party affordable for everyone.

Set A Budget (And Stick To It)

It's best to set a budget and stick to it. This is especially important if you're not staying local and are having your hen weekend elsewhere in the UK or abroad.

Take A Look At How Much A Hen Party Costs

When it comes to accommodation and travel, set a budget and stick to it. Check out the prices of hotels and other accommodation and get an idea of the price.

If there's any other pricey activities you want to do make sure you keep them in mind when planning out the budget.

Run Ideas Past The Girls In The Group Chat

If you've got a lot of ideas on where you want to go and what you want to do, run the ideas past the girls in the group chat, or even just the maid of honour and bridesmaids.

It will give everyone an idea on how much things are likely to cost and how much people are able to spend.

Have A Kitty

Depending on who is going on the hen do, you might want to have a kitty. This can work on a night out for buying drinks.

The idea is that everyone puts money into a pot to pay for things such as drinks. Everyone puts the same amount of money in, making it fairer for the whole group.

Have A Local Hen Party

Rather than going abroad or somewhere outside where you live, you can stay local and have your hen do in your own city.

This will of course save a huge amount of money on accommodation and travel, both are usually big costs if you're not staying at home.

You can make it special by having a staycation, and getting a local hotel and splitting the costs with the girls.

If You're Having A Hen Do Elsewhere, Keep It In The UK

If you have your heart set on a weekend away, you can have the hen in another city in the UK.

There's so many great locations in the UK for a hen weekend, all catering to every type of hen do.

You'll not have to worry about planes or extras such as holiday insurance, and most places in the UK are easier to travel to.

If You're Having A Hen Weekend Abroad Keep It Affordable

There's nothing like a girls trip away, so a hen weekend abroad could be something you really want to do.

Must Read: UK Hen Do or Hen Do Abroad

Going abroad doesn't always mean expensive. There's so many cheap getaway deals you can get, along with specialised hen do packages created for groups of girls.

Flying out of a local airport and choosing accommodation that doesn't break the bank are 2 easy ways of keeping costs down while still enjoying a girls weekend away.

Picking a price friendly location will also keep the costs down. You should think about the costs while you are there as well as the costs to get there. Food, drinks and travelling around the city are costs that will add up.

Summary: Making Your Hen Do Affordable For Everyone

You can easily make your hen do affordable by considering the costs of all the aspects of the weekend.

Money is relative, so getting a good idea of how much everyone wants to spend is the first step into making the hen do not only fun but affordable for all.

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