Who To Invite To Hen Do? A List Of People You Should Ask To Come

Who To Invite To Hen Do?

If you have been tasked with planning the hen do one of the biggest questions is, who should you invite?

You should definitely consult with the bride. This is her big day or night, and if she doesn't want someone to go you should know about it so you don't accidently invite someone who's not wanted.

From there it's all about contacting the friends and family of the bride and getting people involved with who wants to go on to the hen party.

Who Should You Invite To Your Hen Party: Checklist

A hen do is typically 5 - 25 girls, and occasionally more. You should invite the following people to your hen party:

  • Closest friends
  • Family Members (female only)
  • In-laws (female only)
  • Other Friends
  • Old School Friends
  • Work Mates

How Many People Should You Invite To Your Hen Do?

Getting the numbers right for the hen do can be key to having a good time. It all depends on what you have planned and where you're going to the numbers.

A hen party can be anything from 5 to 25 girls and beyond. If you want a big night out with a lot of friends, it can be fun but can also pose it's own set of problems.

The more people invited means the harder it can be be plan and organised. Ultimately the number of people on your hen night depends on how many you want to invite.

Do you want a big hen party, or are you happy with just a few close friends?

Should I Invite My Sister In Law?

It's quite normal to invite the sister in law to the hen do if the bride and sister in law get along. 

This can be extended to other members of the in-laws too, if you're on friendly terms with them.

Should I Invite My Mum To My Hen Do?

You can absolutely invite your mum on the hen party. If she's fun and up for a laugh she could love it.

Depending on her age and what you have in store, it could be a great night out for her, and she's sure to have good stories about the bride to be.

Should I Invite My Mother In Law To The Hen Do?

If you get along with your mother in law and think that she's fun, you can invite her to the hen party.

If you're inviting your own mum or other older people they'll be able to have a good time.

Should You Invite Your Work Mates?

You don't have to invite work mates to the hen party, it depends on how close you are as friends.

You may be very close to one or two colleagues which you want to invite, but not others. This is perfectly fine.

If you want to keep things smaller you don't have to invite your work mates and keep things intimate.

Can You Invite Someone To The Hen Party Who Isn't Going To The Wedding?

You can definitely invite someone on the hen do who isn't a guest at the wedding.

Many people prefer a smaller wedding, especially through the day, and have more guests on the evening. 

You can have people go on your hen night even if they're not going to the wedding. This can commonly be friends of friends who you don't know well enough to invite to your wedding.

    Summary: Who To Invite To Hen Do

    You should invite your best friends along with your family and members of the groom's family if you get along well.

    A hen do is usually 5 - 25 people, sometimes with a lot more depending on your friendship group.

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