Hen Do Packing Checklist - The Ultimate List Of What To Pack For A Hen Weekend

Hen Do Packing Checklist

If you've got a hen weekend coming up one of the things you'll be thinking about is what to pack. 

The best and easiest way to do this without forgetting anything is a packing list, so we've put together this handy checklist of what to take on a hen weekend.

What Should I Pack For A Hen Weekend?

There are a few things you first need to think about when wondering what to take on a hen weekend. These are:

  • How long is the hen weekend?
  • Where is it taking place?
  • What will you be doing?
  • What's the weather likely to be?

You should take all of these into consideration, because there's no point in packing a bikini for a winter hen weekend in Prague!

What To Pack In Your Hen Weekend Suitcase

If you're going away for a few days, you'll need at least a carry-on or small suitcase to pack.

This should be big enough to fit a couple of days worth of stuff in.

Here's what you'll need to pack:


  • A jacket or coat
  • 3x T-Shirts, Tops, Shirts (or a combination)
  • 3x Trousers, jeans or shorts (or a combination)
  • 2 Dresses: A casual dress and a going out dress if that's your style
  • Jumper Cardigan or Hoodie - If the weather is cold
  • Swimsuit / Bikini - If going somewhere warm, a spa or your hotel has a pool.
  • Nightwear - PJs or something similar for sleeping in.


  • Smart shoes, flats or heels for the evenings
  • Comfortable shoes or trainers for walking around
  • Sandals, Sliders or Flip Flops

Fashion Accessories

  • Sunglasses
  • Handbags - 1 casual 1 dressy
  • Purse

Bonus Tip - Don't forget the outfit you're wearing to travel in. If you've got yourselves some T-shirts for the hen weekend you might want to travel wearing these.

Beauty & Cosmetics

  • Make-up bag fully loaded
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Hair products including hair spray
  • Nail File
  • Hygiene & self-care products 
  • Shower gel, shampoo & conditioner


  • Phone
  • Phone Charger
  • Tablet Computer
  • Hair Dryer, curler, straighteners 
  • Bluetooth Speaker

Hen Party Accessories

  • Hen party games
  • Sashes
  • Drinking straws and other novelty items

Hen Weekend Abroad Essentials

If you're going abroad on the hen weekend, there's some extra vital things you need to remember.

You'll want to put some of these, such as your passport in your hand luggage rather than a suitcase.

  • Passport
  • Travel Insurance
  • ID
  • Foreign currency
  • Travel Charger

Other Essentials & Accessories

There's just one or two other things you'll need to remember to pack. These are absolutely essential and you shouldn't forget them.

  • Money
  • Credit Cards
  • House Keys

Summary: Hen Do Packing List

And there you have it, the ultimate list of what to pack for a weekend away.

Make sure you don't forget anything, and having this handy list will ensure you remember everything you need to take on the hen weekend.

If you've been tasked with organising the hen party, make sure you've read the hen party planning checklist so you don't forget anything.

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