Who Plans The Hen Party?

Who Plans The Hen Party?

If you're a bride to be or going to be going on a hen night, you might be wondering:

who organises the hen party?

The maid of honour of chief bridesmaid is in charge of organising the hen party.

This is the usual way in the UK. But sometimes it could be a bridesmaid, close friend or even mother of the bride who takes the reigns of organising the hen party.

A lot of the time, this will be done with a bit of a collaboration with the bride, as there could be different friends groups involved, and to get input from the bride to the kind of hen do she actually wants to have.

It does not have to be one of those options, and there's plenty of others who might be willing to organise the big night.

The Chief Bridesmaid / Maid Of Honour Plans The Hen Party

As mentioned, It is common for the chief bridesmaid, or maid of honour sometimes along with the other girls in the group to plan the hen party.

That means organising everything, from deciding who to invite, to the activities and what kind of hen party you're going to have. 

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You'll also need to decide what kind of shindig you're having. Will it be a low key hen party? A big night out? A hen party at home

It's easier to throw a hen do in your own city, but you can get an easy break away in a UK city. These so many places for a hen party in the UK, from city breaks to country retreats.

There's also the option of having a hen party abroad, which can be tough to organise.

You'll have to budget for everyone, and make sure that it's affordable and suitable for all ages and types of people.

The Mother Of The Bride

If you're got a cool mum, you might task her with organising your hen party. If you think she's up for it, it could be something that she enjoys.

She can invite all your friends, bridesmaids and everyone you want, and plan something for everyone.

If you have people of mixed ages this could be a good idea, as she'll probably be great at planning activities which everyone will enjoy.

The Bride Organises Her Own Hen Party

It is not uncommon for the bride to organise their own hen party. Some may say that is sad, but if you organise your own hen do, you can have more control over what you want to do, and since it's your night, you can plan anything you like.

Your hens may have some little surprises in store for you, but planning the party yourself you can set the general tone and decide what you want to do.

Generally the bride to be has enough to organise with the wedding and usually honeymoon, so sometimes it's better to lift the burden of the hen party and let someone else organise it.


Whoever organises your hen party, it's sure to be a good time. If you go down the route of organising your own, it could take up a lot of your time and cause some stress, depending on the size.

Take a look at all our hen party ideas which cover everything you'll need to know about planning a hen party.

It could be a good idea to let the maid of honour, close friends or bridesmaids organise the bulk of the hen do, with the bride letting them know the style of hen night she wants.

The benefit is that you'll be surprised, hopefully pleasantly, just make sure that the person you choose to organise it knows you well.

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