19 Great Ideas For Having A Hen Party At Home

Ideas For Having A Hen Party At Home

If you prefer a night in over a night on the town, you can still have an awesome hen party.

Having a hen party at home can be brilliant, and there's so many things you can do with the girls to make it a night to remember.

When it comes to parties, it's the people around you that make it, no matter where it is.

If you've been tasked with organising a hen night at home, here's some ideas from the classy to the traditional, they're all fun.

Girly Film Night In

An old classic of a night in, it's the girly film night. Grab some of your favourite snacks, the best girly films such as dirty dancing and grease, and have a girly film marathon with your hens.

The girly night in is one of the low key hen night ideas which is a great idea for those who don't like to go out for a traditional booze filled hen do.

Old Fashioned Sleepover

Go back to your childhood with a good old fashioned sleep over. Order a pizza or plenty of food which everyone loves, add a bit of alcohol and you're more or less set.

Make sure everyone remembers to bring their PJs, and perhaps a bottle of wine or other alcohol too. Then it's down to the organiser what the plans are.

Lots of music and dancing, films, girly chats or all of the above.

Cocktail Making

You don't need to be a mixologist or a cocktail expert to host a cocktail making party for your friends.

Get the hens and bride involved, come up with your own creations and have fun making and drinking them.

There's plenty of cocktail recipes you'll find online, and you can run a little competition.

Split up into teams and see who can create the best cocktail of the night.

MR & Mrs. Game

Test out what the bride knows about her husband to be! You can play the MR & Mrs game!

We've got plenty of MR and Mrs questions here which you can use for inspiration, and have a proper laugh. Better yet, we've got out MR & Mrs Game download you can play on your phone!

Find out everything about the future husband, his good and bad qualities, not to mention what the bride really knows about him.

Make some homemade paddles and you'll be good to go.

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Host A Dinner

Everyone loves some posh nosh, so why not host a dinner. Find out what kind of food everyone likes, and make it a really nice dining experience. 

Get everyone around to yours, or someone else's place, bring or make the food, and don't forget dessert and drinks after too.

BBQ Day And Night

If you're having a hen party at home and it's the summer, or at least warm weather, hosting a hen party BBQ could be something to go for.

It's all about comfort food, from burgers to sausages, there's always some kind of BBQ food which suits everyone.

Don't forget to wash it down with drinks, beer always goes well with meat. 

Go into the night with plenty more food and drink, and party the night away in the garden with some music and general chit chat with the girls.

Hen Party Games

There's plenty of hen party games you can play at home. Organising fun activities to do throughout the day or night will provide all the laughs you need for a really great day or night spent at home.

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Garden Glamping

Love the great outdoors but don't want to be far from home?

Why not have a garden glamping party! Grab a couple of tents and have your own camping or glamping party in the garden.


Is there anything more fun than a quiz? If you're hosting the party, become the quizmaster and set some questions, or grab a quiz book.

You can make it hen or wedding related, or go for general knowledge, with music, TV and film being some good categories.

Split people up into teams, and you could even have a prize at the end.

Makeover / DIY Spa

Why go to a spa when you can have your own makeovers at home! Get all the girls to bring their products, and have a pamper session in the house.

It's your very own DIY spa day, and don't forget to serve some nibbles and of course, alcohol.

Hen Party Dares

Go back to your old school days with games of truth or dare. You can check out our  hen do dares here, simple to print out, or come up with your own.

Better yet, you can download the Hen party dares game on your phone and play with the girls!

We've got tons of ideas and inspiration, and these will make it a memorable night for certain.

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Clothes Swap Night

If you're into fashion, why not have a clothes swapping night. Everyone brings their favourite clothes around, you swap each other's clothes, and literally see how it feels in someone else's shoes.

Take plenty of photos, and you might even get mistaken for your friends.

Wine And Cheese Night

If you want to make it a more classy hen party at home, a wine and cheese night could be the way to do it.

It's an elegant but affordable way to have a nice quiet night at home with the girls.

DIY Afternoon Tea

Did someone say mad hatters tea party?! If this is more your cup of tea than downing alcohol, you can do an afternoon tea, DIY style.

Grab plenty of cakes and make some sandwiches, cut in triangles of course.

Hen Do T Shirts

Just because you're not on the town doesn't mean you can't look the part. Our Hen Party T Shirts are the way to go, and will get you in the mood for the night ahead.

They not only look the part on the night, you can keep them as a reminder of the great fun you've had as a little party favour, with customised nickname printing on the back.

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Toilet Paper Dress Making

Another oldie but a goodie, its dress making time with toilet paper. This is an easy thing to do at home.

All you need is toilet roll, split up into two teams, and then dress two hen which is now your mannequin with toilet roll to make a bride's dress.

You decide the winner.

Hot Tub Party

Renting a hot tub is now affordable, so if you've got the room in your garden, or even inside your house, hosting a hot tub party for a hen do at home is something you're able to do.

Make sure the hot tub is all set and ready to go, then it's a case of getting some drinks such as prosecco, and of course music to get the party started, and you're set.

Prosecco Pong

You've probably heard of beer pong, right? Well there's something a lot better than that, prosecco pong!

The usual principles apply, it's like beer pong, but with large prosecco glasses and of course, prosecco.

Never Have I Ever - Drinking Games

Last up we've got another drinking game, never have I ever. It's a pretty simple game.

Everyone has a drink and then says "Never have I ever" and then says something.

If someone in the group has done it, they have to take a drink. Explanations are optional.


And there you have it, 19 great ideas for having a hen party at home. From the chilled out and quiet to the classy, along with the more adventurous and for those who like to let their hair down, there's plenty of fun which you can have without leaving your home.

You can check out more of our hen party ideas if you're looking to plan the best night for the bride. Make it a night she'll not forget.

Hen party in lockdown? No need to worry! Check out our virtual hen party ideas for having a socially distanced night in with the girls.

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