How To Have A Virtual Hen Party [It's Easy!]

How To Have A Virtual Hen Party

A hen do is usually about getting together and having a laugh, but if you can't there's other ways to have fun.

Having a virtual hen party is the way to go, and here's some ideas on how to make it the best ever!

Tips For A Virtual Hen Party

Just because we're all in different houses doesn't mean we can't have fun! With thanks to the Internet and a couple of apps, there's plenty of fun to be had.

Here's how to host, plan and have the best virtual hen party.

Pick A Platform To Host Your Lockdown Hen Party

First of all you'll want to pick a platform you can all e-meet on. You'll all want to see each other, so pick a video or face-to-face social network.

There's tons out there, with the most popular being Zoom, HouseParty, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger.

There's other platforms too...You can choose something like Discord, YouTube or Google Hangouts to get your girls all in the same virtual room together.

It's best to pick one which everyone is already on. Check with the girls to see which is the easiest for them.

Virtual Hen Party Invites

Send Out The Invites (e-Invites Of Course!)

You can still send out invites, just make them e-invites. Create some invites and send them out via email or WhatsApp. This will let everyone know the time and platform you're using, which is very important.

Hen Party T-Shirts

Get Your T-Shirts Matching 

Wearing the right clothes will be important too. You can get the same costume or outfit, or why not select our hen party t shirts. Our t-shirts are easy to wear, simple to order and can be personalised to make them that little bit special.

We can print designs for you and all your girls, and then send them out.

Pick A Theme

Get into the spirit of things by picking a theme. There's a lot of hen party themes you can choose from. Just because you're in the house doesn't mean you don't have to make an effort.

Get dressed up, you can even decorate the room you're in. If there's one thing we've learned, it's that people notice your background in your video chat as much as you!

Get Some Food In

You'll want to order in some food. There's so much party food that you can get, from sausage rolls to crisps.

Make sure all the girls are on board, and get in plenty of food to get through the night.

Get The Drinks Flowing

It wouldn't be a hen do without alcohol! You'll want to get the drinks flowing and make sure everyone is having a good time.

The best part of being in your own house is that you can buy the drinks you like. From Prosecco to beer, alcopops or gin. Whatever your drink is, make sure you have plenty of it.

Virtual Hen Party Games

Organise some hen do games which you're able to play while still being socially distance. There's a lot of hilarious games you can try. Here's some virtual hen party games:

  • MR & MRS
  • Name That Tune
  • Lockdown Dance Contest
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Truth Or Dare
  • Dare Cards

You'll have fun playing games like MR & MRS on Zoom. Get some questions together and create some home-made paddles. Then it's just a case of showing the paddle to the camera. Everyone will laugh!

Truth or Dare is about good game. Pretty standard, choose truth or dare, and then come up with either the dare or the unlucky lady has to tell the truth.

Never Have I Ever is another hilarious game you can play over zoom or messenger. Get some shots or drinks in, ask questions, and have fun. It's always a good game to get stories out of the girls.

Printable Hen Party Games

12 Hen Party Printable Games Megapack

You can check out our printable hen party games. We've created this mega bundle of 12 printable hen do games you can print at home and email to all the people in the hen party.

There's awesome games and epic fun.

Have A Watch Party

Watching films will never be the same again. Instead of having a regular movie night, have a watch party.

What is a watch party? A watch party is where you sit in your own homes and watch the same film at the same time.

Put on your favourite loungewear, get some food and drinks and everyone starts watching the film.

You can then all talk to each other while the film is on. Since you're watching the same film at the same time it's like you're in the same room together.

Once you've done a watch-a-long you'll never be able to watch movies the old fashioned way again!

Get The Music Playing

If you prefer music to movies, turn up the music and everyone can listen.

There's a few ways to organise music over the group chat. You can have one DJ playing the music out to everyone, so people can all hear the one track playing.

Another way is to create a playlist, and everyone listens to the same song on their own speakers. Either way, it will amount to a lot of fun, singing and dancing.

Lockdown Karaoke

If you want to have even more fun with music, then you can take turns singing karaoke.

In a similar setup, all you have to do is play the track and sing along to it for everyone to listen to.

Take turns singing and everyone else will be entertained with each other's singing.

Have An Online Quiz

Who's the smartest out of all of your party? There's only one way to find out, an online quiz!

There's two ways you can organise a hen party quiz in lockdown. You can get someone to host the quiz, writing the questions and answers.

Another way is to use tools like HouseParty or Discord which has built-in games and quizzes. 

Make it a fun one, with topics like trivia and general knowledge, or pick a theme that everyone likes.

Apps, Tools And Technology To Have A Virtual Hen Party

There's a few apps and tools you can use to host or attend a virtual hen party. All you need is a smartphone or computer and you're good to go.

Video Messaging And Social Networks

FaceTime - You can have a massive 32 people on FaceTime, but it is Apple only. If you know someone with Android, they're not going to be able to use this.

WhatsApp - Friendly on both Apple iOS and Android, WhatsApp is a platform most people will already have. There's an 8 person limit on video calls.

Houseparty - There's a limit of 8 people per room on Houseparty. It works on iOS and Android.

Messenger Rooms By Facebook - Everyone is on Facebook, so this is possibly the best option. Better yet, the limit in Messenger Rooms is a massive 50 people!

There's no need to even have a Facebook account, only the link, so anyone can join.

And there you have it, how to have a virtual hen party this year. Don't let the lockdown stop the fun.

You can check out more hen do ideas if you're planning a hen party, whether it's virtual or in-person.

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