What To Wear To A Hen Do - Outfit Ideas

What To Wear To A Hen Do

Whether you're organising a hen do or attending a hen party the first thing you'll think of is: What should I wear?

Not to worry! There's so many different clothes you can wear to a hen do. It does depend on the location and activities you're going to do, so here's a list of possible hen party outfits to make sure you look the part on the night.

Hen Party T Shirts

There's no doubt that the good old traditional hen party t shirts are your first choice.

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Wear Casual Clothing

Another obvious choice is casual clothing. You can look smart in any casual clothing.

From wearing plain t-shirts with jeans to a light sweater, casual clothing is the easy go to when you're going on a hen do.

It can also help if you're doing certain activities on the day or night. You'll not want to be wearing your best clothes if you're doing a sporty activity or something similar.

What To Wear For A Classy Hen Party

If you're going out out then getting dressed up could be the style you're looking for.

Dresses will always look classy, so they're always a good go to outfit. The little black dress never goes out of style and can be worn in any season.

When it's the summer, you might want to swap that with a lighter colour such as shades of yellow, blue or pink.

City Break Hen Party Outfit

When going on a city break there's bound to be a lot of walking around. With that said, footwear should be one of the things you consider first.

Wearing a pair of flats with some dressy pants, good jeans or a skirt could be one outfit you could rock on a city break hen weekend.

Sleep Over Hen Party

The most laid back of all the hen parties, the hen party sleepover. If you and the girls are joining the sleepover club, this one is the easiest outfits to put together.

It's all about comfy casual clothing, sweats and co-ords to keep you feeling comfortable for your hen night in.

What Shoes To Wear On A Hen Do

As we've touched on above, getting the footwear is important. So what shoes do you wear on a hen night?

Well it depends on what's in store. If you're going to be doing a lot of walking around town, flat shoes could be lifesavers!

A classy pair of sandals will be a good choice in the summer months.

If you're only going out for the night and you're getting dressed up, heels could be an option if you're going all out to look your best.

Make sure you've checked out the hen do packing list so you don't forget to take anything on the weekend.

What Does The Bride Wear On A Hen Do?

What Does The Bride Wear To The Hen Do? Hen Party T-Shirts

The bride can wear absolutely anything she wants, after all, it's her hen party!

In most cases, the bride will wear something very similar, but also be distinctive. This is because it's her day or night, so she has to stand out.

If you're going the t-shirts route, this could be all the hens wearing black, while the bride wears white.

It could also be that the bride is dressed up in more traditional sense, with a veil and other bridal wear.

Don't Wear White (Unless You're The Bride)

If you're thinking of wearing white on a hen do, don't. White is traditionally worn by the bride, and she might be thinking of wearing white, so you'll not want to match.

Of course you can get all the girls together and decide on what you're wearing, and if the bride gives it the OK, you can wear white.

What Colour Should Hens Wear On A Hen Do?

So if you're not wearing white that leaves the questions: What colour should hens wear on a hen do?

The choice is yours! Wearing colours which really stand out such as pink, blue, red or yellow will get you a lot of attention.

Can You Wear Black To A Hen Party?

There's also the classic choice of wearing black on a hen do. Black always looks classy, whether you're talking about a black dress or a black t-shirt.

Hen Party Accessories

If you're having a cheesy hen party then you need some accessories! We're talking about a Veil, Sashes, Banners and everything else.

If you're wearing dressy clothes the one sure way of letting people know you're on a hen night is for you all to wear a sash. 

Summary: What To Wear To A Hen Do

And there you have it, what to wear to a hen do. It's always a good idea to speak to the girls so you can all wear similar things, whatever that is.

If there's a dress code then you should follow it, and if you want to look the part, personalised hen do t-shirts are the way to go.

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