Hen Party Nicknames - Ideas For Your Hen Do [With Examples]

Funny Hen Names For Your Hen Party Group

Getting your nicknames printed on the back of your hen t shirts is cool, but what do you get?

If you're off our with your party of girls, personalising your tops with the nickname of your choosing is a great way to make sure the atmosphere is good and everything gets off to a good start.

The theme of the night could be a good starting point to choosing your name, or usually it's a personal trait where you can really have some fun.

We have come up with some ideas to get your going. Naughty or nice, risqué, rude and crude, we have come up with a list to get your night off to a great start.

The unofficial rules of hen nicknames

  • They should rhyme or begin with the same letter as the actual name
  • They can reflect the girls personality
  • Keep them short and sweet
  • They can be rude...Remember it's only for one night and just a laugh! ;)

A to Z of Hen do nicknames

Hen Party Nicknames Beginning With

A Nicknames

B Nicknames

C Nicknames

Awesome Bonkers Caring
Angel BJ Canny
Angelic Blushing Crabby
Adventurous Brilliant Curvy
Amazeballs Bang Candy
Alluring Bangers Cute
Alarming Bend Over Curvaceous
Awful Beaver Crazy
Addictive Busty Cheap
Attractive Blonde Careless
Acrobatic Brutal Chirpy
Animal Brave Clever
Adorable Bashful Cocky
Amazing Beautiful Cutie
Able Bubbly Cheerful
Abusive Boozy Clumsy
Absolute Bae Charming
Adoring Bold Chesty
Airy Bossy Curious
Alcoholic Bright Currupt
Angry Bad  

D Nicknames

E Nicknames

F Nicknames

Dirty Elegant Flirty
Daring Effortless Fierce
Dashing Ego Fabulous
Dominating Erotic Funbags
Diva Exotic Fine
Delightful Emotional Flirtatious
Dreamy Electric Fanny
Dangerous Edgy Fancy
Desperate Easy-Going Ferocious
Devilish Enchanting Firey
Drunk Experienced Friendly
Dazzling Egotistical Foxy
Dodgy Embarrassing Fantastic
Dark Euphoric Fearless
Dizzy Energetic Filthy
Dainty Exciting Funky
Damp Excitable  
Dateable Effervescent  
Dazed Energized  
Delusional Entertaining  
Devouring Entitled  

G Nicknames

H Nicknames

I Nicknames

Gobby High-Maintenance Irritating
Gorgeous Hoochie Ironic
Goer Humping Innocent
G-Spot Hump Immature
Gentle Hottie Idealistic
Generous Hot Impulsive
Glamour Hot Stuff Intense
Glamourous Heart Immaculate
Grumpy Happy Imaginative
Glowing Hippy Immoral
Guilty Horny Idiotic
Glossy Helpful Impeccable
Goddess Hilarious Icy
Gifted Hilarious Illegal
Graceful Hairy Illustrious
Garish Hardcore Important

J Nicknames

K Nicknames

L Nicknames

Jealous Kinky Lovable
Juvenile Kind Loud
Jugs Kissable Lush
Jizz-Loving Keen Lusious
Juicy Killer Lick
Joking Knackered Lezza
Jolly Knowing Lick Me
Judgmental Knowledgable Lewd
Joyful Knowing Late
Jet-Set Key Loving
Jingly Killing Loyal
Jazzy Knockout Lovely
Joyless   Lady-Like
Joyus   Lazy
Jumpy   Laughing
Jeweled   Liberal

M Nicknames

N Nicknames

O Nicknames

Manly Naughty Obvious
Marvellous Nasty Over The Hill
Minging Natural Oddball
Mint Nutty Obsessed
Massive Natural Obscene
Melons Naked Obnoxious
Minx Naturistic Offensive
Majestic Naive Outgoing
Mature Needy Outspoken
Merry Nefarious Obedient
Moody Nervous Oafish
Modest Neurotic Offbeat
Mysterious Newsworthy Olden
Mesmerizing Nips Oozing
Magic Nighty Oppresive
Manic Nonsensical Opulent

P Nicknames

Q Nicknames

R Nicknames

Pervert Queen Rauchy
Posh Quiet Racey
Pornstar Quick Ravishing
Party Quintessential Radiant
Pinky Quirky Rockstar
Pink Quotable Risky
Perfect Questioning Rimmer
Peaceful   Rebel
Petite   Rude
Patronising   Ridiculous
Party   Raw
Persuasive   Raging
Prosecco   Rampant
Princess   Romantic
Persistant   Ride

S Nicknames

T Nicknames

U Nicknames

Slender Titilating Unlucky
Sexy Tits Unusual
Skinny Terrible Upbeat
Sensual Tomboy Uptight
Slutty Tasty Unique
Sober Touchy Unacceptable
Sucking Tantalizing Unappealing
Swallowing Thirsty Unbaffled
Seductive Tender Uncivil
Seedy Tiny Uncomplicated
Sassy Tricky Uneasy
Shaggable Tempting Unforgettable
Savage Tidy Useless
Saucy Thrilling  
Sinful Tasty  
Sinner Terrible  
Stunning Tight Opulent

V Nicknames

W Nicknames

X Nicknames

Virgin Wicked XXX
Vigorous Wet X-Ray
Vagina Wonderful  
Vacuous Woeful  
Vanishing Wild  
Validating Wacky  
Very Witty  
Vexed Whiny  
Veracious Wholesome  
Vixen Wishful  
Vivid Wasted  
Vain Waxing  
Vibrant Warning  

Y Nicknames

Z Nicknames


Yummy Zany  
Youthful Zesty  
Young Zippy  
Youngish Zealous  

And that's your A to Z of quirky, funny and down right rude and naughty hen nicknames!

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Examples Of Hen Do Nicknames

Now we've got the best A to Z of words, it's time to create some hilarious, rude, or tacky nicknames. We've selected some of the most popular names to get you started for some ideas, and you can just take it from there!


Awesome Amy, Angelic Anna, Adventurous Alex


BJ Britney, Bonkers Bethany, Bangers Barbie


Curvy Catherine, Cute Carla, Crazy Carly, Curvatious Cheryl


Devilish Donna, Dirty Debra, Diva Dawn, Daring Danielle


Elegant Ellie, Erotic Emma


Flirty Fern, Fabulous Frankie


Gobby Georgia, Gorgeous Gabriella, Good-Girl Gemma


Hottie Helen, Hot-Stuff Hannah, High Maintenance Holly


Irritating Imogen, Ironic Isabelle


Juicy Joanne, Jealous Julie, Jennifer Jugs


Kinky Kylie, Kissing Kate, Kissable Katie


Lush Laura, Lovable Lisa, Legs Linda, Loud Louise


Minxy Michelle, Melons Melanie, Masturbating Maria


Naughty Natalie, Nasty Natasha, Nice Nikki


Obvious Olivia


Perfect Pamela, Posh Pauline, Pervert Pippa


Raunchy Rachel, Racey Rebecca, Ravishing Ruth, Randy Rita


Slender Sarah, Sexy Stacey, Slutty Shelley, Single Sonia, Sober Shirley


Terrible Tanya, Tomboy Tracy, Tasty Tina


Vicious Victoria, Virgin Vicky


Wicked Wendy, Wet Whitney

Hen Party Team Names

There's nothing like a group effort, so how about some hen party team names. This can be done in a variety of ways. Something which is really striking is using each person and T-shirt as a letter to spell something out.

You could come up with something for your squad for you all to wear, or split yourselves into groups of different teams, perfect if you plan on playing some games with hen party dares on the night.

Here's just a few ideas to get you started.

Team Bride

Team "Name of the bride"

Bride Tribe

Stacey's sexy senoritas

Louise's Lush Lasses

Nikki's Naughty Hens

Francesca's Flirty Females

12 Hen Party Printable Games Megapack

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