Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas - Here's What To Put In A Hen Party Goodie Bag

Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas - Here's What To Put In A Hen Party Goodie Bag

If you're organising a hen do, something which may be a cool thing to do is to make little hen party gift bags for you and your girls.

Think goodie bags for adults, so anything goes, and you can put whatever you like in them! If it's been put on you to plan the hen party, there's plenty of ideas you can have for creating a gift bag.

If you're wondering what to put in hen party bags, here's some ideas which will be well received. 

Personalised Hen Party T Shirts

Of course we're all about Personalised Hen Party T Shirts, but we understand that you might want to keep it smart and get dressed up on the big night out.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't get some personalised T Shirts for you and your girls.

They're usually kept as a keep-sake or memento, so you can wear them over your nice clothes or just give them to your girls or bridesmaids as a present before going out.

Mini champagne or Prosecco bottles

What better way to start off the night! You can get mini champagne bottles which are fairly cheap these days, and even though they're not expensive, it's a nice way of keeping it classy.

You can get some Bottega Gold prosecco bottles for under a fiver, and since they're gold the'll look amazing!

Willy Straws And Naughty Accessories

If there's one night when you're allowed to be a little bit naughty, it's a hen night. If you're the bride this could be the last chance you get after all.

Novelty items such as willy straws are the simple small things to include in a gift bag, and will get the night off to a good start, drinking your champagne from them.

They're super cheap, get a pack for under £2 from places such as Amazon.

Hen Night Badges

If you're not wearing hen do T Shirts, another way to let everyone know you're part of a hen party is wearing a badge.

The bride should have her own which stands out of course, and the rest should all be the same.

You can get badges which are already printed, or you can pick up some custom ones from a place, which will give them a bit more of a personal touch. Badges are pretty cheap too, for less than £1 each you can get a printed badge.

Hen Party Sashes

Another classy alternative are hen party sashes. You can get these in a range of colours, with hot pink and black being the most popular.

You can get pre-made designs, with bride to be and bridesmaids printed on them, or once again go for a more personalised approach and get some custom printed with hashtags or slogans.

You could also buy some plain sashes and decorate them yourself, which is ideal for those who are more arty and creative and want something nobody else is doing.

Amazon is a great place to browse for some, check them out, or check out somewhere local in town.

Sweets And Chocolates

Who doesn't love sweets or chocolates? A great idea for sweets are small packs of love hearts. They taste amazing, and are perfect for any bride to be and her girls. Small heart shape chocolates always go down well too, as do lollypops.

Fillers & Essentials

There's a couple of cheap fillers and essentials which you can put into the gift bags too. There's plenty of items you can get, and create a real hen party survival kit with all the things inside.

Chewing gum, because you need fresh breath just in case you get lucky with a guy.

Dare cards and other small games will make sure you've got plenty of things to do on the night and keep everything naughty and everyone happy. Lip balm is another cool addition, for all the guys you'll be kissing, you'll need it!

There's a few ideas to get you started on your gift bags for your hen night. A few items for your girls which they will love, and it will be a night you'll never forget.

Printable Hen Party Games

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We've put together the best games for countless hours of fun. Super easy to print out and have a fun filled night.

There's plenty of other games to play too, and along with these gift bags, it will make it a memorable night.

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