Which Colour T Shirt Catches The Eye First? Eye Catching Colours

Which Colour T Shirt Catches The Eye First? Eye Catching Colours

There are certain T Shirts which are really distinctive, and it all starts with the colour. Looking for an eye catching T Shirt?

These are the colours that will get you notice.

Red T Shirts Catch The Eye First

Red T-Shirts Catch The Eye First

There's no doubt that red t shirts catch the eye first. There are of course plenty colours which can be considered "red".

The standard, bright and bold red is the colour which does the job. Not a pastel, muted, dark or light hue, but a completely saturated bright red colour.

This can be for a few reasons. Other than it being bold and bright, it's a colour which we associate with plenty of things. First of all, danger. Red is a dangerous colour.

Think warning signs, and other dangerous things. They're always red.

Red can be used alongside light colours such as white, and it will work on darker colours too.

Bright Blue And Yellow T Shirts Stand Out

Bright blue and yellow t-shirts stand out

There's no doubt if you want to stand out and not wear red, bright colours are the way to go.

Blue and yellow are some of the brightest colours alongside red. You can add orange to that.

There's nothing toned down about these colours.

When it comes to picking the best season to wear these colours, spring and summer will be the best choices.

Shocking Pink T Shirts Will Make You Stand Out

Shocking Pink T-Shirts Stand Out

If you're looking to catch the eye and stand out, pink is one colour to do that.

A pink pop colour is shocking and striking, and stands out a mile. It's also unusual for a guy to wear, so this will catch the eye.

Slogan T Shirts Catch The Eye Too

If you're looking to catch the eye slogan t shirts do this in the same way. You can wear a T Shirt in a more muted colour, but the slogan is what's going to grab the attention.

The graphic or words on the shirt will be captivating, and can be done in a contrasting colour for maximum impact.

If you prefer a black T Shirt, which is the most popular colour shirt, get the slogan printed in white or a bright colour for maximum effect.

On That Note

If you're looking to catch the eye first with just the colour of your shirt, a red T Shirt is a great choice.

Other bright and bold colours work well too. As mentioned, these are orange, pink, blue and yellow.

A black t-shirt is considered one of the most attractive colours when it comes to t-shirts.

Another option is you can opt for a striking design on the shirt such as a graphic or slogan.

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