The 18 Different Types Of T-Shirts You Can Wear [T-SHIRT GUIDE]

Every different type of t-shirt

If there's one thing that we love at Jesmundo it's T Shirts, but that's pretty obvious.

There's so many different types of T Shirts, and not all T Shirts are created equally.

T Shirts have come a long way since only being used as an undergarment. Now we wear them proudly on display, with different designs, patterns, colours and prints.

Tees have come a long way in construction too, with so many different varieties on this simple piece of clothing.

These are the different types of T Shirts you can wear right now.

In This Guide

  1. Regular Round Neck Short Sleeve T Shirt
  2. V Neck T Shirts
  3. Long Sleeve T Shirt
  4. Slim Fit T Shirt
  5. Skinny Fit T Shirt
  6. Muscle Fit T Shirt
  7. Scoop Neck T Shirt
  8. Ringer T Shirt
  9. Baseball T Shirt
  10. Turtle Neck T Shirt
  11. Pocket T Shirt
  12. Longline T Shirt
  13. Boyfriend T Shirt
  14. Oversized T Shirt
  15. Droptail T Shirt
  16. 3/4 Sleeve Length T Shirt
  17. Henley Shirt
  18. Polo Shirt

Regular Round Neck Short Sleeve T Shirt

Round Neck Collar Short Sleeve T Shirt

When you think of a T Shirt, the regular round neck T Shirt is what you think of. This is also called a crew neck, and is thought of as the standard T Shirt.

They come with short sleeves, and are a must have item in your wardrobe. Good to wear in the summer and work well in mild temperatures in the spring and autumn too.

All our T-Shirts at Jesmundo are round neck collar, with a classic regular fit.

V Neck T Shirts

A Classic V Neck T Shirt

The second most popular style of T Shirt is the V Neck T Shirt. This short sleeve shirt has a standard V shape neckline, and is a great alternative to a round neck collar.

The V-neck t-shirt is very popular as an undergarment. This is because it has space around the neck, making layering with a V-neck jumper look better as it won't be on show.

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Long Sleeve T Shirt

Long Sleeve T-Shirt In White

A long sleeve T Shirt is exactly as it sounds, a regular T Shirt with long sleeves.

Long sleeve tees are not as popular than their short sleeve variant, they're a bit of an in-between garment. Long sleeves are worn with temperatures are a bit lower, but not low enough for a jumper.

Slim Fit T Shirt

Slim Fit T Shirt In Yellow

The slim fit t shirt is one of the best fitting t shirts for most guys. While regular fits are good for virtually everyone, the slim fit t-shirt is a good fitted option for slim to average size guys looking for a good fit.

The difference between a slim fit and a regular fit is that a slim fit is cut slightly closer to the body, while a regular fit t-shirt is more boxy and baggy with more room.

Skinny Fit T Shirt

Skinny Fit T-Shirt

For those wanting super tight t-shirts, a skinny fit is the one to go for. 

This type of fit became popular in the mid 2000's as a super fitted style of t-shirt. It's lost most of it's popularity now, but can still be worn by guys with a skinny frame.

Muscle Fit T Shirt

Muscle Fit T-Shirts

When the gym life became more mainstream clothing brands changed too, and the muscle fit t shirt was born.

A muscle fit t-shirt is a t-shirt which hugs the body, and is very slim fit. It's tight, and the idea is that it shows off your muscles with it being so tight to your skin.

Scoop Neck T Shirt

Scoop Neck T-Shirt

The scoop neck T Shirt has been around for a long time, but gained popularity in the 2010's along with the muscle fit t shirt.

This is similar to a classic round neck T Shirt, with the neckline being elongated with a larger head opening. This gives the scoop effect, which shows off more chest area.

Ringer T Shirt

Ringer T Shirt

The ringer T Shirt is a style of t-shirt synonymous with the 70s and 80s. If you've ever watched pop culture films from the 1970's or 80's you'll have seen characters wearing these t-shirts.

The distinguishing feature of a ringer t-shirt is the ribbed sleeves and collar of a contrasting colour. A plain white T-shirt with red trim is a very popular combination.

Baseball T Shirt

Baseball T-Shirt

A baseball T Shirt is where the body of the t-shirt and the sleeves are a contrasting colour.

There's three lengths of sleeves for a baseball t shirt. Short sleeve, 3/4 length sleeve and long sleeve.

Baseball t shirts have their roots in the sport of baseball, so are more popular in the USA than in England or Europe.

Turtle Neck T Shirt

Turtle Neck T-shirt

A turtle neck T Shirt also known as a roll neck t shirt is similar to the sweater of the same name but made from cotton.

They are long sleeve and usually made from cotton. They have the funnel neck that you expect to find in a turtle neck top, and made a good alternative to a turtle neck sweater.

Pocket T Shirt

Pocket T-Shirt

Pocket T Shirts are often seen as a very casual t shirt and not so popular. They come with a front chest pocket usually located on the left hand side. 

Longline T Shirt

Longer Length Longline T-Shirt

The longline T Shirt is a standard T Shirt with a longer length. For standard t shirts they are in proportion, so a larger fit will naturally be longer.

In a longline t shirt, or just called a longer length t-shirt, the length is not proportionate to the width. This means you can get a t-shirt in a range of chest sizes but still have the length longer.

Boyfriend T Shirt

Boyfriend Fit T-Shirt

The term boyfriend T Shirt has became popularised within women's fashion. It simply means a t-shirt which is more loose, baggy and boxy than a standard women's fitted shirt.

It lends it's name from wearing your boyfriend's t-shirt, i.e. a larger, looser baggier t-shirt than you'd normally wear.

Most unisex t-shirts can be considered boyfriend t shirts, because of their fit and cut.

Oversized T Shirt

Oversized T Shirt

One of the most popular and on trend t-shirt types in recent years has been Oversized T Shirts.

The rise in popularity of oversized t-shirts is due to the increase in popularity of streetwear culture as well as a more laid back fit. When you want to dress smart you can go for a slim fit, for a relaxed look, the oversized tee is the one which has became more popular.

Droptail T Shirt

Droptail T-Shirt

A droptail T Shirt is a t-shirt which is longer at the back than at the front. This is where the name comes from, a longer back giving the t-shirt a tail like effect.

3/4 Sleeve Length T Shirt

3/4 Length Sleeve T-Shirt

A 3/4 length sleeve t shirt (three quarter length) is not a very popular style of t shirt right now. They are seldom seen in men's clothing, with a few options being available in women's fashion.

As you expect from the name, these t-shirts have a sleeve length of 3/4's, so not long and not short.

Henley Shirt

Henley Shirt

A Henley shirt could be considered a T Shirt, but many might not consider it a t-shirt.

What makes a Henley unique is the Y shaped neckline with the button placket. Henley's are usually made of soft cotton and have no collar like a t-shirt, so not a shirt, but do have a 2 - 5 button opening at the neckline, similar to a shirt.

There's no doubt that a Henley is a smart looking t-shirt, and has stood the test of time. 

Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

Another garment in between a shirt and a t-shirt is the Polo Shirt. Polos come in short and long sleeve variants, with short being the most popular.

A polo shirt has a 3 or 4 button placket with a collar, and are often pique-polo shirts, made from a honeycomb texture cotton.

On That Note: Different Types Of T-Shirts

And there you have it, the 17 different types of t shirts which you can wear. Jesmundo definitely thinks there's a t-shirt for every occasion, and with such a wide range available all you have to do is pick the style which suits you best.

All you have to do is choose your favourite t-shirt design, style and fit and you're sorted.

The Different Types Of T-Shirts

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