T Shirts That Were Popular In The 1990s - 90's T-Shirt Styles

T Shirts That Were Popular In The 1990s

The 90's was a brilliant year in fashion, and T-Shirts in particular were extremely popular.

Coming on the back of the 80s, this decades tees once again took inspiration from pop culture.

The Premier League had just begun, so football shirts were huge. The music scene with grunge, rock and hip hop gained popularity, with people wearing cartoon and animation inspired characters too.

For the history of t-shirts, the 90's will be remembered fondly.

Here's what t-shirts were popular in the 1990's.

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Football Shirts

Football Shirts In The 90s

It was a whole new ball game in 1992, the Premier League launched in the 92-93 season. With that came new eyes on football, and even more fans getting involved in the game.

The Premier League in combination with Italia 90 a few years before and Euro 96 a few years later, turned everyone into football fans.

The real start of fans buying football shirts started in the 90's, with fans not only buying the home shirts, but the away, 3rd and even goalkeeper shirts too.

Not only could you buy the shirts, you could personalise them with your favourite players name on the back for the first time ever.

The 90's was the beginning of the huge industry that is football shirts.

Grunge T Shirts

Popular Grunge 90s t-shirts

With bands such as Nirvana becoming popular around the world, Grunge music was popular in the 90's. As with all movements, the way to show support was to sport the tee.

A distressed and worn out look was the order of the day for grunge tees, with logos and graphics of the bands of the day.

Logo And Brand T-Shirts

Logo and brand t-shirts

When it comes to branding and logo t shirts, there wasn't a decade previously that was like the 90s. Branding and logos became huge, not only for brands but for people wearing them too.

Following on from 80's t-shirts, branding during the nineties was heightened, and that included fashion and of course t-shirts.

Whether it was the American brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, or the European brands such as FCUK and United Colors Of Benneton, you had to be wearing a cool fashion label.

Hip Hop And Rock Band Shirts

Hip Hop And Rock Band T Shirts

The popularity of hip hop and rock music were at an all time high, with more and more mainstream radio and TV shows broadcasting these two music genres.

It was music that people loved, and they showed off their love by the way of hip hop t-shirts and band merch. Stars like Tu Pac and Biggy had their own tees, with the 90's bands following suit.

Cartoon And Animation T-Shirts

Cartoon and animation t-shirts

For that bit of nostalgia we all love, cartoon and animation t-shirts saw a rise in popularity amongst adults everywhere. 

The Simpsons, Looney Tunes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were not only popular TV shows but these shows made great cartoon character t-shirts that were worn in the decade.


And that's the t-shirts that were popular in the 90's. It was the decade where big branding was starting to really take hold, and we were far more conscious of which branded t-shirts we were wearing.

The Most Popular T Shirts In The 1990s

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