Different Types Of Funny T Shirts That Make You Laugh

Different Types Of Funny T Shirts That Make You Laugh

When it comes to having a laugh with your clothing, there's a lot of different types of funny T Shirts that can help you.

Jesmundo has a range of t-shirts for people with a good sense of humour, with designs that just make you smile.

There's plenty of different styles of tees you can wear if you want to make an impact.

Here's the different types of funny t shirts designed to make you laugh.

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Parody T Shirts

Things which are familiar are great for designs, and putting a funny and humours twist on an existing thing can be hilarious. That's where the parody t shirt comes in.

Take something serious or not intended to be funny and put an amusing spin on it.

Parody t-shirts are popular because they take existing things in pop culture or current event that are familiar to people and put a witty take on it.

Funny Slogan T Shirts

different types of funny t shirts - funny slogan shirts

The best way of making people laugh is definitely funny slogan t shirts. Wearing shirts with funny messages, quotes and amusing text is a way of brightening up the day for not only you but your friends too.

Funny tees are a great conversation starter and way to break the ice, and are perfect to wear on a night out, at parties or when you want to make a statement.

Sarcasm And Irony

Some may say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but we love it. Ironic and sarcastic t-shirts will always get you noticed, with people reading the quote on the front of the shirt.

If you've got a sarcastic sense of humour then this style of funny tee is the one to wear.

One Liners

Funny one liner t-shirt

One liners can be extremely funny. Just like a one liner joke, you can get a one liner t shirt too.

These are obviously a one line joke printed on to the shirt. There is an art to a one-liner, so having this style of funny tee can be quite hilarious if it's a really good one liner.

Since slogans on shirts are all about impact, shorter phrases work best, which make one-liners great for funny t-shirts.

Meme T Shirts

With the rise of social media, memes have taken on a whole new lease of life. A meme is something, usually an image or photo which goes viral, i.e. lots of people see and share it.

Meme shirts are the same, in that they have the meme printed onto the shirt and people wear them. What's more funny than a meme? A meme t-shirt.

Popular memes can be easily recognised, so if you want to make an impact, having a popular meme printed on a tee is the way to go.

Graphic T Shirts

funny graphic t-shirt

Rather than having words printed on shirts, photos and in particular graphics can be quite funny. If you're into graphic t-shirts, there's plenty of funny graphics that can be printed.

From animals to cartoon characters and beyond, graphics can be used to evoke laughter on your clothing.

Geek And Nerd Humour

geek style funny t shirts

When it comes to geek and nerd culture, it's hilarious. It doesn't matter if you understand it or not, geek jokes are always funny.

Whether it's unintended and ironic laughs or it's deliberate, poking fun at people for not understanding something seen as geeky always gets a laugh.

From science jokes to computer related puns, when it comes to geek shirts it's a case of if you know you know.

Adult Humour

If you prefer to cause a little bit of shock, an offensive t-shirt is the way to go. This can be adult humour, with swear words and other offensive remarks printed on to shirts.

These certainly do make an impact and can cause upset, which is kind of their intentions.

If done right, they can be hilarious, it just depends on what's printed, who's wearing them and the occasion. Proceed with caution, and only wear rude tees when you know they'll cause the least offense and be taken as a joke.


And there you have it, the different types of funny t shirts that you can wear. There's no doubt that quotes and words on shirts are the best funny t-shirts, with printed slogans that will get people laughing.

With 100s of different prints and quotes available, all you need to do is decide which style suits you best and what kind of message you're trying to get across.

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