What T Shirt Material Is Best For Hot Weather? T-Shirt Fabrics To Keep You Cool

What T Shirt Material Is Best For Hot Weather? T-Shirt Fabrics To Keep You Cool

We're right in the middle of summer, and when the temperatures rise, we need to keep cool.

It's important to pick out clothing that can do this. When it comes to T-Shirts, there's several different materials which are used to keep you cool.

It's important to pick out a material which is moisture-wicking, light and breathable.

The best materials for t-shirts in hot weather are cotton and linen. These two natural fabrics lead the way in cool comfort, breathability and moisture wicking.

Here's a run down of each fabric which are used for t-shirt manufacturing, and their benefits.

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Linen is a super lightweight fabric which is excellent for hot and humid conditions.

Being a natural fabric it's highly breathable, and allows heat to easily escape the body.

The only drawback of linen is it creases incredibly easy, which means your clothing will look wrinkled.


Cotton T Shirts are best for hot weather

There's so many different types of t-shirt materials, but there's one which stands tall. The most common fabric for t-shirt construction is cotton. 100% cotton is a great material for hot weather, with it's breathable properties allowing air to circulate.

Opt for a lightweight cotton t-shirt in the summer which will keep you cool as well as looking stylish.

Since cotton is the most common fabric to be used for manufacturing t shirts, it's also the most popular. Cotton is always in style and looks fashionable, and can be dressed up as well as dressed down.


There's a good reason why sports shirts such as football shirts are made from Polyester, that's because it deals with sweat well.

Many polyester shirts use moisture-wicking technology which takes sweat away from the body and leaving it on the shirt.

It's the most popular material used when it comes to sports clothing, as it's a good man-made material that deals with hot weather well.

Poly/Cotton Blend

A blend of polyester and cotton is another choice when picking out t-shirts. 50/50 T Shirts are popular because of their usual soft to touch feel.

While they're not as good as a natural fabric, the softness of the fabric can sway some people into choosing them in hot conditions.


Bamboo fabric is becoming increasingly popular due to its eco-friendliness and moisture-wicking properties.

Coming from the bamboo plant it's a very good natural material to use in manufacturing t-shirts.

It is highly breathable, soft, and has natural antimicrobial properties that resist odours.

T-Shirts made from bamboo are harder to come by, and usually have a higher price tag.

Tencel / Lyocell

Lyocell, is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric made from wood pulp.

It is breathable, lightweight, and absorbs moisture efficiently, making it ideal for hot weather.

A popular branded lyocell is Tencel, which is used by many manufacturers of t-shirts and other clothing.

One of the most luxurious feeling fabrics in the world of t-shirts is modal. This is most commonly used in underwear and loungewear t shirts, but can also be used in the usual outerwear t-shirts too.

Modal (aka viscose) is a type of rayon made from beech tree pulp. It is soft, lightweight, and breathable, providing excellent comfort in hot and humid conditions.

One drawback is that modal is usually only used by higher end designer brands and so can be expensive.

It's worth the extra cost if you can justify it, but if you're only looking for something basic, a modal t-shirt may be out of reach.

Tri Blends

A Tri-Blend T Shirt is a t-shirt which is made from a blend of three different materials. This is cotton, polyester and rayon.

A combination of these three materials give a good balance of softness, comfort and sweat-wicking making it a good material to wear in hot weather.

Merino Wool

Very lightweight merino wool is a great fabric when it comes to t-shirt construction for hot weather.

Typically you'd associate wool with winter jumpers, but the same properties that are used to make it a good choice to keep warm also help it keep you cool.

This is being a natural and breathable fabric which is super lightweight and very soft. Merino wool is easy to wear and can keep you cool in the heat.

It can be expensive and is usually only found used by higher end t-shirt companies. This means that merino wool t-shirts are  usually more expensive than their cotton counterparts.


When it comes to dressing for hot and humid conditions, natural materials such as cotton and linen are the best materials for t-shirts in hot weather.

Their moisture-wicking capabilities, lightweight and relatively cheap price points make them a great option to wear in the summer.

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