T Shirts That Were Popular In The 2010s - What We Wore In The 2010's

T Shirts that were popular in the 2010s

The 2010's was yet another big decade for t-shirts. It was the height of fast fashion, but not only that, luxury fashion labels wanted in on the act too.

It can be seen as a strange time in the world of cotton. On the one hand t-shirts and other garments have never been so affordable. On the other, high end labels and luxury fashion houses have got in on the act, designing and selling expensive t-shirts.

The 2010's will go down in the history of t-shirts as the time where designer t-shirts and super cheap fast fashion went hand in hand, with many consumers wearing both.

Here's the types of t-shirts that were popular in the 2010's.

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Luxury Label Fashion T-Shirts

Luxury Label Fashion T-Shirts In The 2010s

The 2010's can be described as when the luxury fashion labels woke up in the world of graphic T Shirts. Almost every high end fashion label brought out logo and graphic tees, and fashionistas couldn't get enough of them.

From Valentino and Palm Angels to Balenciaga and Gucci, luxury designer brands were fully on board with graphic t-shirts.

When it comes to spending a fortune on luxury, t-shirts are now in the game. You can easily spend upwards of £300 on a single t-shirt from a luxury fashion house.

Fast Fashion Brings Super Cheap T-Shirts

Cheap and fast fashion t-shirts became popular in the 2010s

At the opposite end of the scale, fast fashion became incredibly popular in the 2010's.

This was due to a focus with customers shopping online more, where online-only brands could undercut the traditional high street when it comes to prices.

You could pick up a single t-shirt for less than a cup of coffee. This lead to people treating fast fashion as disposable, with their clothing not lasting more than a few washes.

This is obviously the true cost of fashion, and smart shoppers used better models to price clothing, such as the price per wear.

Streetwear T Shirts

Streetwear T Shirts Gained Popularity in the 2010s

The growth of streetwear was huge in the decade, with fashion fans wanting to get their hands on the latest streetwear brands.

This wasn't always easy, with popular brands such as Supreme regularly selling out of their clothing immediately.

Their most famous t-shirt, the Supreme box t-shirt became one of the most coveted and sought after tees of the 2010's.

Fashion houses also got into streetwear, with brands like Louis Vuitton and Off White joining the revolution of coveted streetwear pieces.

Football Shirts Become Fashionable

Football Shirts became fashionable in the 2010s

Football shirts became popular in the 90's, but in the 2010's they found a whole new fanbase. People who weren't even interested in football became fans of football shirts.

This was seen when the Nigeria shirt for the 2018 World Cup sold out on the day of release. The shirt featured green, white and black patterns and was an instant hit worldwide.

Football shirts began their own culture, with fans of the shirts and designs overtaking the actual sport and teams for many of the people wearing them.

Minimalist Slogans and graphic tees in the 2010s

Coming out of the 2000's where t-shirts were all about large logos and slogans, the 2010's was more about minimalism.

Both the high street and designer fashion labels started making minimalist graphic and slogan t-shirts. It was still about showing off that logo, but in a more subtle and stylish way.

Whether it was the expensive small logo YSL T Shirts for the luxe look, or something a little more easier on the budget, small logos and minimalist style was the order of the day for design in the 2010s.

Sustainable T-Shirts

Sustainable t-shirts and eco-friendly brands in the 2010s

While fast fashion dominated in the early 2010's, it was the very late years of the decade when people started to realise that fast fashion wasn't all great. Sustainability started to become more important.

With that there were more brands positioning themselves as being eco-friendly and sustainable, showcasing their product sources and how they are good for the planet.

Fair trade and materials such as organic cotton became not just factors in production but major marketing points, and many people started to care not just what was printed on their t-shirts, but how they were made.


That's the t-shirts which were popular in the 2010's. It was a decade of over the top luxury pricing alongside super cheap basic tees. A decade of fast fashion being met with a sustainable alternative.

Minimalist designs started to take over from large graphics, with new ways of getting your message across via the medium of t-shirts.

The 2010's were an important decade when it comes to cotton and t-shirts, and now we're into the 2020's, we'll see where that takes us.

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