T Shirts That Were Popular In The 1960s

T Shirts That Were Popular In The 1960s

When it comes to the 1960's, T Shirts were increasing in popularity.

No more were we limited to that classic white t-shirt, when the swinging 60's hit, we were introduced to colour, and a lot of it.

When it comes to the history of t-shirts the 60's will be remembered for the bright colours, swirly patterns, tie dye and of peace and love.

Here's what tees were popular in the decade that was the 60's.

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Political And Protest Shirts With Slogans

Political And Protest Shirts With Slogans

The 60's was a decade that will be remembered for political protests and social movements. This was particularly true in the USA, where there were protests against civil rights and gender equality.

People created t-shirts with messages printed across them, and this could be seen as the first use of slogan shirts.

Tie Dye T Shirts

Tie Dye T Shirts were popular in the 60s

Tie-dye t-shirts became synonymous with the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

The tie-dye technique involves folding, twisting, or crumpling fabric and then applying dye to create vibrant and psychedelic patterns.

It was a popular form of DIY fashion, and creating your own tie dye shirts give you a lot of individuality while still being part of the trend.

Band T Shirts

1960's Band T-Shirts

The era also saw the emergence of band T Shirts. Whether you were going to a gig, concert, festival or just a fan of a particular artist, the perfect way to show support was with a band T Shirt.

Bands and artists such as The Rolling Stones, The Beetles, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan had iconic band t-shirts that were not only popular back in the 60's, but still live on to this day.

Pop Art Style

60's pop art style t-shirts

The pop art movement started in the 1950's, but it was the 60s when that movement made it's way from canvas to clothing.

Pop art-inspired t-shirts featured bold and colourful designs, often incorporating elements such as comic book characters, advertisements, iconic symbols, and famous personalities.

Artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring played significant roles in popularizing pop art and its integration into various aspects of popular culture, including t-shirt designs.

Surf And Beach Culture

Surf and beach culture t-shirts

Surf and beach culture was very popular in the 60's, which paved the way for this to be incorporated into fashion and people's daily wears.

T-shirts with scenic beach views and tropical landscapes were popular.

These shirts often depicted palm trees, waves, surfboards, and sunsets, capturing the laid-back and carefree spirit of beach culture.

Vibrant colours and playful graphics were common in these designs.

T-shirts featuring the logos of popular surf brands gained popularity during this time. Brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, and Rip Curl emerged in the 1960s and began creating t-shirts that showcased their brand identity.

These t-shirts often featured bold logos and typography associated with the surf culture.

Peace And Love

It wouldn't be the 60's without talking about peace and love. This wasn't just words, but an entire movement with a genuine focus on creating peace around the world.

The Peace Symbol was born, and with that you needed a way to display it. One way was printing it on t-shirts, and that's exactly what people did. 


When it comes to clothing and t-shirts in particular, the 60's was an important decade. It brought us slogans and messages on shirts, gave bands something for their fans and let people showcase colours with their clothing.

When it comes to t-shirts in the 70's, a lot of these styles continued on, with new iterations also being introduced.

Popular T Shirts In The 1960's

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