T Shirts That Were Popular In The 2000s - What We Wore In Y2k

T Shirts That Were Popular In The 2000s

One of the most loved decades of the past when it comes to fashion and t-shirts has to be the 2000's. 

The 00's or Y2K era of fashion was not only brilliant then, but it's having it's own renaissance right now. We've already seen the return of what we loved in the 90's, but right now the 2000's generation can once again get back into the Y2k aesthetic.

When it comes to the timeline of t-shirts it was an important era. Here's what t-shirts were popular in the 2000s.

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Graphic T Shirts

Whether it was a large graphic that filled your shirt or something smaller, graphic t-shirts were popular in the 00's.

From text to full colour graphics, bold prints and monochromatic styles, all kinds of graphic tees were popular in the 2000's.

Music T Shirts

Music T Shirts in the 2000s

Fashion and t-shirts were still following popular culture in the 00's, and that included music. We were all wearing band t-shirts previously, but now even pop music got in on the act with t-shirts and other merch being worn.

The noughties was the decade of the big pop star once again. There was Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and more, and everyone was copying their style.

Y2K Fashion Brand Logos

Y2k Fashion brand t-shirts

With the 90's branding became more and more important, and by the time the 2000's rolled around it was absolutely everywhere. You had to have a t-shirt on with some form of logo or fashion branding.

One of the more famous of these brands was French Connection, who used their FCUK logos to great effect. These would deem to be offensive, and so many public places such as workplaces would ban people from wearing them.

It was the time where high street fashion really took hold, with fashion brands like Topshop and Topman cementing themselves into the British high street.

Funny Slogan T-Shirts

funny slogan t shirts in the 2000 decade

One reason to love Y2k fashion was the rise of funny slogan t-shirts. We know a thing or two about funny t-shirts, and it's a love of this decade and this style that Jesmundo takes a lot of it's inspiration from.

Everyone owned at least one funny slogan tee. It was once again a way of getting your message across without saying a word. Funny slogans were loved and hated by many, but everyone can agree they played a big part in the fashion scene in the 2000's and beyond.

Vintage Film And Movie Tees

Film and movie t shirts in 2000s

It wasn't just music in popular culture that was transferred on to shirts, films and movies made their way on to cotton too.

It was mostly vintage films from the 70s and 80s which were popular in the 2000's. It didn't matter if you were old enough or were even around back then, you could wear a movie tee.

Films like ghostbusters, Back To The Future and The Goonies all had their own t-shirts, worn by fans of the films for nostalgic vibes.


Those were the most popular T Shirts of the 2000's. The Y2k era is currently undergoing a renaissance period with all of these styles coming back into fashion right now.

We're here for the y2k slogan t-shirts, and can't wait to see them being worn again.

The Most Popular T Shirts In The 2000s - Y2K T-Shirts

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