What Colour T Shirts Are The Most Attractive? Here's What To Choose

What Colour T Shirts Are The Most Attractive?

When it comes to picking out a T Shirt, the colour is important. One thing you need to keep in mind is the function of the garment itself. 

If you're looking to dress up smarter or want something people find attractive, what colour should you go for?

Black T Shirts Are The Most Attractive

Black T-Shirts Are The Most Attractive T-Shirt Colour

A black T Shirt is one of the most attractive colour t shirts you can wear. There's so many good things about this colour.

As we've already seen, black is the most popular T Shirt colour, and it's attractiveness is a key reason why.

We already know that black basically goes with everything when putting together an outfit, but there's more to it than that.

Black is slimming. If you wear a black T Shirt you can present a sleek silhouette that really looks attractive.

This is seen in both men and women, which is perhaps why black is such a popular colour in dressing for both male and females.

Black can be worn as something elegant and stylish, or something casual and comfortable. There's no limitations on the colour.

But what if black isn't your thing?

White T Shirts Are Attractive

White Colour T-Shirts Are Attractive Too

There's no doubt that a plain white T Shirt can be attractive too.

While other colours catch the eye first, white is totally muted. It's job is to look clean, fresh and crisp, which are all attractive features.

Attractive Slogan T Shirts

If you're going down the route of wearing slogan t shirts, you can keep the attractiveness going with a few simple rules.

First of all make sure the print is small. Sometimes saying a little is better than saying a lot. Small text and small messages is an easy way of getting your point across and keeping stylish.

You'll notice that designer t shirt brands have small slogans and graphics, which keep things looking high end while displaying quotes or messages.

Other Attractive T Shirt Colours

Navy Blue T-Shirts Are Attractive

The staple colours can also be viewed as attractive. These are black and white as mentioned, along with navy blue and grey.

These colours can be worn with almost any other clothing, so you can dress them up and look your best.

Depending on the season, you can opt for muted colours or pastel shades which can also be view as looking good.

You'll want to check out the best colour t shirts for the season to make sure you're wearing the right hue.

If you want to go bold, red t-shirts are eye catching. Red is a power colour, will catch the eye and really stand out.

Summary: What Colour T Shirts Are The Most Attractive?

And there you have it. It turns out the most simple and basic colour t shirt is not only the most popular but the most attractive.

Make sure you've got yourself plenty of black T Shirts when you want to get some attractive vibes.

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