What Is The Most Popular Colour T Shirt? Here's The Answer!

What Is The Most Popular Colour T Shirt? Here's The Answer!

If you're planning on buying some T Shirts, you may be wondering, what is the most popular T Shirt colour?

Well the answer is simple. Black is the most popular T Shirt colour.

Why is this? There's plenty of reasons why black is the most popular t shirt colour.

Black T Shirts Go With Everything

That's right, black T Shirts go with everything. There's basically nothing you can't wear with a black T-shirt.

They make a good combination with jeans, skirts, chinos, trousers, joggers, and everything else in your wardrobe.

Black Is The Most Popular T-Shirt Colour

Black Just Looks Better

Black just looks so cool. It's smart, sleek and elegant. It's a good colour for casual clothing, and can even elevate your outfit into the smart casual category.

If you want stylish slogan t shirts, black is the colour to choose. The small text ones look the best, which is what a lot of designer and fashion brands go for.

The 5 Most Popular T Shirt Colours

Grey And Navy T-Shirt Colours Are Popular Too

But what if you want a break from black. What are the 5 most popular T Shirt colours?

The 5 most popular colours are Black, White, GreyRoyal Blue and Navy Blue.

These are 4 staple colours, plus royal blue. This is a more bold colour that has been used throughout history, so is still popular today.

Red is another popular colour. This is much more of a bold colour, and it really pops. If you're looking to get noticed, you can go for a red.

Red T Shirts work well when you want to get a message across, a red tee with a big, bold slogan printed in white will not go un-noticed.

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Summary: What Is The Most Popular Colour T Shirt?

And there you have it, black is the most popular T Shirt colour. Of course that doesn't mean you have to only buy black t-shirts.

If your wardrobe is already filled with black shirts, you might want a change, and go for another colour.

That could be another simple colour such as white, or go for something more bold such as a red or royal blue.

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