How To Wash Graphic T Shirts - An Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Wash Graphic T Shirts - Easy Step By Step Guide

The great thing about T Shirts is that they are pretty easy to take care of. They're usually made of cotton which is a natural fibre, and really easy to keep clean.

You can wash T Shirts by hand, but it's far more convenient to wash them in a washing machine.

As with everything, there's the right way, wrong way and optimal way to do something.

Here's a hand guide that will show you how easy it is to keep your t-shirts looking fresh and clean.

Step By Step Guide On Washing T Shirts

  1. Turn T Shirts Inside Out
  2. Put T Shirt Into Washing Machine
  3. Set Machine To 30 Degrees (or 40)
  4. Start Washing Machine
  5. Empty Washing Machine
  6. Dry T Shirt Naturally On Washing Line
  7. Iron The T Shirt
  8. Hang Up Or Fold

Turn T Shirts Inside Out

If you have a T-shirt with a graphic, slogan or logo printed on, it's always a good idea to wash this inside out.

This will keep the graphic looking it's best, and if colours run or anything untoward happens, it should help protect the print.

Put T Shirt Into Washing Machine

The next step is to simply put in the t-shirt you've turned inside out into the washing machine.

You'll want to make sure the machine has a full or half load, but be careful not to overload or under load the machine.

Set Machine To 30 Degrees (or 40)

If your t-shirt isn't particularly dirty but you think it needs a wash, put it on 30 degrees. This should be hot enough to get your t-shirt looking fresh again.

If there's mud, stains or more dirt, you may want to wash at a slightly higher temperature of 40 degrees.

Start Washing Machine

Start the washing machine and you're done. Go and keep yourself occupied doing something else.

Empty Washing Machine

Once the washing machine is done, it's as simple as removing the t-shirts from the machine and getting them ready to dry,

Dry T Shirt Naturally On Washing Line

You should dry your t-shirts naturally on a washing line or hanging up somewhere. 

You can dry some t-shirts in a dryer, but you should check the label to see if they're dryer friendly, and dry on a low setting, always checking to see if they're dry enough.

Exposing t-shirts to a lot of heat for long periods of time can cause t-shirts to shrink.

Iron The T Shirt

Once the t-shirt is dry, you'll want to iron it. Iron the t-shirt inside out if it's got a logo or print on the front. You don't want to iron over any print or logo.

Ironing the t-shirt will remove any lines or wrinkles and keep it looking fresh.

Hang Up Or Fold

Then you've got to store the T Shirt. You can do this by folding your t-shirt or hanging up in a wardrobe.

And that's it! You've washed, dried, ironed and stored your t-shirt for it's next use.

Tips On Washing T Shirts

Tips On Washing Your T-Shirts

Don't Wash If You Don't Need To

You can wear your t-shirt more than once before washing. It's far more sustainable, and washing just for the sake of it is a waste or time, money and energy.

There's not a set definition on how often should you wear your t-shirts before washing, you can use your own judgement and see if they're dirty or if they smell.

Depending on your lifestyle, you should be able to get 2-3 wears out of your t-shirt before washing.

Set Machine To Colder Temperatures If T-Shirt Isn't Dirty

Did you know you can save money and energy by lowering the temperature you wash at?

If your t-shirts aren't particularly dirty and you just want to freshen them up, put the washing machine on to 30 degrees instead of 40.

Can I Put Graphic T Shirts Into The Washing Machine?

You should always check the label of t-shirts and other clothing to see if they are washing machine safe.

As a general rule, most t-shirts are machine washable. You can prolong the life of the graphic or print if you turn the t-shirt inside out while washing.

Check out our guide on how to stop t-shirts from cracking.

Verdict: How To Wash Graphic T Shirts

And there you have it, that's a simple step by step guide on how to wash your favourite t-shirts. 

Turn your t-shirts inside out, put them on a 30 wash, line dry, iron inside out, hang or fold and you're done!

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