How To Stop Graphic T Shirts From Cracking - 8 Simple Ways

How To Stop Graphic T Shirts From Cracking

If you've bought a graphic t shirt or printed t-shirt you'll want to protect the graphic or print for as long as possible.

But how do you do that?

Well, it depends on the type of print used in the graphic. But don't worry, there's steps you can take to stop graphic t shirts from cracking.

One thing to remember is that our slogan T Shirts use high quality professional vinyl which is designed to last as long as the garment. Jesmundo T Shirts do not crack or fade.

Step By Step Guide To Stop Graphic T Shirts Cracking

  1. Wash Inside Out
  2. Use A Cold Wash
  3. Use A Laundry Bag
  4. Use A Gentle Washing Machine Setting
  5. Wash Less Often
  6. Avoid The Tumble Dryer
  7. Iron On The Reverse Of The Graphic
  8. Rotate Your Graphic T Shirts

Wash Inside Out

The best way to wash your graphic t shirts is inside out. This will protect the graphic or print as much as possible, while still cleaning your t-shirt.

Use A Cold Wash

Heat and printed graphics can be a serious problem, so washing on a cold setting is preferable. 

Use A Laundry Bag

To protect your graphic t-shirt even more, you can use a laundry bag. Simply place the t-shirt into the laundry bag, put it in the wash and wash on a cold setting.

Use A Gentle Washing Machine Setting

To protect your printed t-shirts, you need to learn how to use your washing machine.

You can wash on a gentle setting, or make sure that you have enough clothes of the same colour in there to stop them being damaged in the cycle.

Here's a guide on how to wash your graphic t-shirts.

Wash Less Often

We wash our clothes too often. Sometimes there's no need to wash your t-shirts if they're clean and haven't been worn much.

Depending on your lifestyle, you might be able to get 2 or 3 wears out of your t-shirt before washing.

If it's not clean or smelly don't feel the need to wash it out of routine. (here's how many times you can wear your t-shirt before washing).

Avoid The Tumble Dryer

As mentioned heat is not great for graphics and prints on t-shirts. High heat can not only shrink a t-shirt, it can also damage the graphic print, or crack it.

Instead of using the tumble dryer, line-dry or flat-dry your t-shirt to keep it looking it's best for longer.

Iron On The Reverse Of The Graphic

When it comes to ironing your t-shirts, you should do it, after all you want them to look their best.

A great tip is to iron your graphic t shirts inside-out. You should never iron directly on a graphic or print. This is especially true if it's a vinyl print or other type of graphic which has been heat pressed onto the shirt.

Ink prints such as DTG or screen prints are usually safer to iron on, but for the best results you should iron your graphic t-shirts inside-out.

Rotate Your Graphic T Shirts

The best way to preserve the life of your graphic and slogan t-shirts is to rotate them. This is true for all your t-shirts and other clothing.

The more you wear clothing the more it will wear out with wearing and washing cycles.

Rotating your tees and wearing them less often will mean it will give them extra life and take longer to wear out.

Verdict: How To Stop Graphic T Shirts From Cracking

That is how to stop your graphic t shirts from cracking. Avoid high heat in the washing machine and direct heat onto the graphics, wash at a lower temperature and avoid the tumble dryer.

Depending on the type of t-shirt printing used, if you follow these tips they should help your graphic t-shirts look their best and last longer.

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